I am a tortoise!

I've been a bit lost since completing C25K so thought I'd go back to the comforting structure the Laura gives me (despite the dodgy music).

Thought I'd try the 'Speed' podcast in the C25K+ series - oh what a mistake! The walking intro was fine, then when she said run I managed to keep really good pace. Half way through the interval I was starting to struggle and then after what seemed like an eternity, we started the 60 seconds of really fast running! Oh man. Managed the minute before I thought I was going to collapse and decided to call it a day. Finished my run just listening to my own playlist, running at my own (obviously very slow) pace. Feet and heart like lead... still, only a bruised ego to show for it - and at least I was moving right?


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11 Replies

  • Speed is indeed a great podcast, but tough.

    I'd suggest trying Stepping Stones and then Stamina first. She's a hard taskmaster is our Laura, but she does get results.

    Next time you try Speed at least you'll know what to expect, and if you can manage 2 lots of 60 seconds of fast running then you'll know you've made progress!

  • Thanks for the advice, I obviously just picked the wrong podcast to start with. I shall persevere!

  • Hi Devonwalker. I finished c25k about a month ago and like you, miss the structure of the programme. I alternate between the stamina, speed and stepping stones, interspersed with a 5 K, about 36 minutes, and a 40 minutes run. This feels as much as I can manage, but the feeling after a run is still great! I haven't always finished the intended run, but hey ho, there's always next time!! Keep going and enjoy!

  • Thanks Liz-is-trying (another Liz here too - trying very hard!) I admire your perseverance. I think I need to set up regular days to run on and have a goal for each day. After floundering for a couple of weeks I've decided that consolidating what I've achieved is enough before pushing on to anything else. Thanks for the advice.

  • Don't despair, Devonwalker. After graduation many of us felt a little lost without Laura. I tried the various podcasts but did not enjoy any of them. Especially stepping stones which I really hated! I think it is fair to give them a chance or two, but it is not against the law to go your own way at this point.

    I joined a running club that had a marvelous beginners team and never looked back! I still run with the club three times a week, but not with the beginners anymore obviously.

  • Good Morning..

    God morgen Iben :)

    I really disliked Stepping Stones too.. but really like Speed and Stamina is currently helping me within my 10K revisited plan :)

    Hope all good with you xxx

  • God morgen, Oldfloss. Thanks, I'm good and off for my Saturday morning run - 16 km - and it is hot already!

  • Speed is amazing!!! I still love it.. :) Well done for giving it a go :)

    But, runningnearbeirut is right..maybe trying Stepping Stones and then moving on would help!

    After Graduation I did lots of runs, just because I could, runs fro pure joy... then did 1 week's runs of Stepping Stones ( 3 runs) then one week of Speed then one week of Stamina... Speed and Stamina suite me just fine... and as the first year and second year and a half, have passed I have discovered my, 'comfy' pace is slightly faster than I imagined initially.

    I use Speed if I need a fast blast, on its own or in another run, or am short of time.... I use Stamina on its own or within other runs.

    So.. chin up and cheer up... give yourself a chance... try again with Stepping Stones... and maybe try each podcast a few times. I felt I had to do that to really understand what each one was going to help me with,

    Look forward to your post :)

  • Yes you are! The podcasts are flipping brilliant! The music is quite strange 😃 If you do all of them, mix them up, then your running will come on really well. Keep to the beat, one two, three, four. Yay!

    The varied tempo keeps your legs guessing 🙂👍🏃‍♀️

    I like the one with the track that sounds like someone is playing a saw 😁

  • Oh. Ok. Perhaps I'm just too slow for the podcasts at the moment 😔 I'll just keep on plodding...

  • One of the stepping Stones podcasts is really slow! Which is why folks don't like it. I do! Try that one. I think it must be the first of the trio, Stepping Stones. The other two are Stamina and Speed

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