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To run or not?

I posted a few days back about new shoes and some pain in my legs. As recommended I went back to the shop and had a gait analysis. This showed that I am not over pronating. I went for a run in my old shoes and had no pain. The shop thinks my shoes just need breaking in.

However, yesterday I noticed a small lump on the back of my left ankle, Kind of on my sock line. This morning I've noticed some tenderness as I push off with that foot. I'm supposed to be running this morning and unsure whether to run or rest.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sezza, you said in your last post you were over pronating, and above you say the shop says you're now that correct? That has happened to me, I started off in support shoes and apparently now I'm neutral.....I run in both stability and support shoes and don't really notice any difference....I'm not really convinced the shoes do that much apart from cushioning especially for road/pavement running........and maybe get you to your end goal slightly quicker than if you ran in your natural gait in standard shoes.........just my view really.....

I do a lot of off road too, where stability shoes make no real difference - most trail shoes are neutral....

Anyway, I also had a similar sore/lump at the back of my ankle, it could be tightness in your Achilles' tendon, I religiously do calf stretches after every run, and so far, have not had an issue since.....sounds like a bit of 'overuse' and your body is telling you to take it a bit gently.....

Hope that helps, though, slow and steady......😄


Ps, another days rest wouldn't be too bad, would it?😊 Plus the shops generally recommend breaking new shoes in, I've never really had an issue with that, but do tend to use the 'newer' shoes on shorter runs to begin with and wear them around the house.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

I had a gait analysis done when I bought my last pair and they said I over pronate. I had the insoles fitted and they corrected for it. This time I bought new shoes and insoles but then still had pain. I thought I was still over pronating so went to get another gain analysis. The gait analysis was done while wearing the new shoes and insoles. This showed that the insoles were correcting the over pronation, so while normally I do over pronate, with the insoles I don't.

I'm thinking that I do have tightness and have been overusing. I'm going to take some rest and look into some excersises to loosen the area. I do stretch after running but thinking maybe I should do so before too.

Thanks for the help


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