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Run run run run running 🤗

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Can I ask everyone, how many times a week on average do you run? Every other day? every two days? Every three?

I’ve been running every other day pretty much over my 6week summer break but now I’m back at work every two days seems more manageable and with the runs getting longer it seems to give my body more time to recover. I just feel guilty the longer I leave in between 🤔

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By having the same 3 days a week for running, there will be 2 days somewhere that you don't run, it's up to you what days you don't or do want to run. My running days are Wednesday, Saturday and Monday, my two days not running are of course Thursday and Friday, not sure how that started but it was that way all throughout the 9 weeks I did C25K, my graduation run was a Monday. Having two days off between runs, now that you are working is perfectly acceptable although it will take a little longer to complete the course.

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BluLeopard in reply to AlMorr

It’s really interesting to hear what others do thank you and congratulations on your running achievements! I think I’ll play it by ear and just try to get out as much as I can weather it be one or two day breaks 😊 x

Don’t feel guilt! I’m also back after 6 weeks off but am determined to still do it. I either leave a day or two days between...whichever is the most convenient! Occasionally I’ve left three days! I think whatever fits in best with you! 😀

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BluLeopard in reply to Oaktree2

I’m also determined to keep going, it’s kept me sane over summer and I’m so proud I’ve got this far. Thank you I feel much better already. Good luck with the rest of your runs 🙌🏼X

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I’m running every other day . I’m soo loving it and am amazed the length of time I’m running.

Thank you that’s really helpful. It really is a fabulous program. Well done you’re doing amazing 🤗 x

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SummersprintGraduate in reply to BluLeopard


Thank you for your support. Do you know what we all need that weebit support. I thank you for this.

We can/will get there if we are focused. We can sooooo do this

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The further you go through the programme, the more important rest days become (imho) every other day or 3 times a week should be plenty, a lot depends on what else is going on in your life / what you have to work round

Thank you 😊 , I think I’m going to stay focused but not worry as much about the one or two rest days. X

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SummersprintGraduate in reply to Berksrover


I agree. It’s s balancing act. Be focused. Be realistic. If we do this we can & will achieve our goals.

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SummersprintGraduate in reply to Berksrover


Yip it’s about dodging our bullets

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I sooo agree. It’s about how wee manage our life’s

Hi - agree with Berksrover you definitely need at least one day in between but it’s ok to have two. The longer the runs become, the more important they are.

Also listen to your body - sometimes you might need 3-4 days off, other times you just won’t be able to fit in a run due to “life stuff”. I did my first 10k last Saturday so had planned for Sunday & Monday as rest days, but Tuesday and Wednesday were completely manic so never made it out. But I’m wfh today so will have a nice lunch run instead (in prep for the park run on Saturday)

The important thing is that you’re out there doing it and more importantly enjoying it.

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SummersprintGraduate in reply to LoungeLizaard

Totally agree it’s important to enjoy the run

At weekends I'm usually out walking, that means I can run twice per week, or 3 times if I feel up to it.

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3 Times a week - Sat, Mon Weds - though I’ve had to shift by a day from time to time. Which feels about right - I’m only just starting week 5.

Don’t feel guilty your doing great. Plus if are successfully compiling the runs then you must be doing it right!👍

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I run 3 times a week Monday Wednesday and friday. Have pretty much Stuck to the 3 times although I have moved the days.

It is what suits me at this point.. it does depend on your work/life balance and everything else.

I find it good to keep to set days as it becomes part of my normal routine ..

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I always plan to do 3 but it often ends up as 2. I try to run with my sister who is busier than me so it depends when she can run. I enjoy an extra rest day now! I also walk a lot and swim once a week.

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Every other day hunni, it gives your body time to recover, thats what I do anyway..😉👍

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