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Week 1 done

I didn't want to post straight away in case I didn't even manage the second run but I've completed week 1 and I can't believe that I actually look forward to days when I'm going to be running.

I've planned out which days I will run and whole week 1 has been difficult, it hasn't been like all the other exercise I've tried. I think it's because I know I can go at my own pace and there's no-one judging me or pushing me to go further than I feel capable of.

I'm looking forward to keeping it up (even if the last few weeks sound really scary!) and hope that I can manage it without keeling over.

I am slightly worried as I've had shin splints in the past and feel like I'm getting that pain again - so going to try and get my running/stride pattern 'tested' this weekend to see if I can find some better shoes!

I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's post and seeing how they're getting on with c25k :)

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Hello and welcome!

Brilliant start to your running journey. Stick with the programme and listen to your body! Good luck and keep us posted!


Well done and welcome :)

As Millsie-J says...stick to the programme, and do exactly what you are doing... slow and steady at your own pace :)

This is your journey and it isn't a race:) At this stage, we do, some of us tend to thump our feet down a bit and the impact on our legs is obvious.. so, although there is so much to think about, try to land lightly... running on egg shells has been used to describe it...I like, 'kissing the ground with your feet'...:)

Keep posting for loads of support and advice too :)


Thanks both!

I've just been out for w2r1 and tried to slow myself down. Turns out it wasn't that much slower than last week but felt a lot easier.

Tried the light landing and it seemed to help, only really noticed the pain on the last run.

I know that rest is usually said to help but I'm 1. Enjoying running and 2. Don't want to risk losing my motivation

Happy to go slow and steady as I'm hoping it's going to be a lifestyle change rather than 'a fad'

Thanks again 😄


You won't lose your motivation if you plan in your rest days. It is very important to have these rest days especially at the start of your running journey. It doesn't mean that you can't do some other exercise on the rest days. Swim, yoga, walking. all good. And these will all help with the embedding of exercise into your new 'normal'. Have fun :) .


Thanks SlowWorm 🙂

I've been having my rest days and sticking to the schedule to a T (not running too fast that I can manage/longer than the plan said) even though I feel like I can do more.

I did slow down this morning and seemed to help so even if I'm barely faster than brisk walking, I'd rather do that than stop all together as the problem is that 1 or 2 rest days isn't long enough for my shins to recover so I don't want to give up running if possible because in a months time (once they've recovered) I know I won't start again 😞

I already walk a lot for work and have 2 dogs so walk them every day for ~1 hour so I already exercise, just not running (which I'm really enjoying!)


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