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Am I ready for 25 mins?


My running brothers and sisters, I could use some help.

I did W6R2 today, 2x 10 mins, which I should reasonably be able to do without too many problems. However, two things happened:

1. I was practically hyperventilating at the end, even though I controlled my breathing and went slower than slow. My legs could have kept going but if I had run for much longer I think I might have got dizzy or worse.

2. I started to feel cold about halfway through the second 10 mins - and considering it's 21 degrees and dry outside it's very unlikely that this was caused by the weather.

So I'd like to know, am I ready for 25 mins? I'm really quite scared that I won't make it, and I don't take failure well (sorry, I know I'm not supposed to use that word). And has anyone ever felt cold like this during a run? I did do some research but there doesn't seem to be a conclusive answer, possible causes are dehydration, anemia (caused by an iron or vitamin B12 deficiency) and tachycardia.

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I believe you are ready. What I did was start off slow, watched my time and when I was close to the end, looked at how I felt and if I felt ok, (which I almost always did), pick up the pace to the end.

About feeling cold, I don't know. I'll be interested in what you may discover.

If it was a one-off with the coldness then tachycardia and B12 deficiency seem unlikely. Denydration would be the most likely culprit. Did you get your 3-4 litres in the day before running?

Hyperventilating... slow down some more.

It could also be you are coming down with a cold or something. That would tie in with all you describe. You will ascertain over the next 48 hrs presumably.

Otherwise, Move on. Slow down. Hydrate.

resolutionGraduate in reply to Rignold

I've had it once before, but I think dehydration might be the most likely cause. I almost laughed when you said 3-4 litres - I am used to drinking about 500ml-1L a day, and on a running day I have to make an effort to drink more than that. It's nothing new though, been like that all my life, so I'll see if drinking 2-2.5L a day makes a difference!


Drink more as Rig said. Personally i avoid alcohol the evening before i run and make a point of drinking more water . If i stir in the night i have a drink of water. I wake up next morning and have water.

Are you ready for 25 mins? You absolutely most definitely are!

Get out there and continue the great work you are doing. Enjoy😀🏃🏻‍♀️

resolutionGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you for the encouragement :)

I actually rarely drink alcohol, so that can't be the problem, but I'll do my very best to drink more water!

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to resolution

Sorry wasnt suggesting you drink lots of alcohol! Just that before run days I find it better not to .......not that I drink lots teehee, but i avoid the wine👍🏼😀

Go get that next run, you can do it!

I can't comment on the cold and breathing but in terms of all the hard work you have done over the last 6 weeks, yes you are ready. Week 6 can be where the mind starts playing tricks - it gets serious and a bit scary - no more walking breaks but on the other hand it is also where it gets really exciting because once you have got to 25 minutes you know you will be able to take those incremental steps up to 30. Having said that I got so scared by week 6 r3 I put it off for a week. In the end I gave myself the option of running 20 mins which I knew I could do, with 25 for bonus points. That took some of the pressure off. Good luck and keep hydrated (I also don't drink anywhere like enough water in the course of a day).

resolutionGraduate in reply to Nervousnewbie

That's a good point - 20 minutes and then bonus points from there! I'm sure that should get me to 25 because what's 5 minutes when you're run 20? Can hardly give up then!


W6 is a tricky week. I really wanted to like it. But like many before me I struggled. As a result R3 was a mixture of excitement and a little fear.

However, if you just go out and keep putting one foot in front of the other - dont think about time or pace - you will get to the end. I don't doubt you for a second - you've definitely got this!

resolutionGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Thank you, you're very kind! :)


You've got this in the bag!

I didn't think I was ready for 20 minutes last week, but I did it. I'm doing the final run tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get through it. The trick for me is to run slower.

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