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Wk5 R1 done, now I am ready for more

I just came back from doing Wk5 R1, and I must say that it went pretty well. The only thing that was an issue is that it took me until about halfway through the session before I could get my form right and my rhythm going. I hadn't run in 3 days, and needed to regain my composure. I also was using some new shoe inserts (which my have contributed to my form issues), and must say they were quite helpful in that I did not suffer from the same amount of knee pain.

As far as the stamina went, I didn't have any problems. Since I was so focused on my running mechanics, I didn't realize how much time had passed until Laura spoke up. I usually run a session twice (once going up the trail, and again on the return), and run extra time during the warm-downs and/or warm-ups to get me prepared for the next session's longer run time. Today, I ended up doing it three times, because I was so engrossed in my running form, I forgot to turn around, and was about 2/3 done when I realized it. So, I ran further than I have ever gone before.

I didn't stop at the end of the third five minute run on each session, and kept on all through the warm-down period. This let me have three 10 minute runs. I did have one comic moment though when I saw my shadow on the ground. I thought that I looked like the Little Engine That Could. My arms were pumping like the axles that turn a train's wheels, and I was huffing and puffing steam while trying to pull my big kaboose. All the while thinking, "I can do it, I can do it."

I am so pumped! Two and a half months ago I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since then I have lost 19 pounds, and now can run for 10 minutes without feeling like I am going to collapse. I will be 50 next April, and my goal is Fit at Fifty. This program has helped me to build up my confidence to know that I can overcome the challenges to become more physically fit.

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Thats a lovely blog! It looks like you are doing everything right and are very motivated! You should be able to breeze through W5R3! Good luck :)


Thank you. I am really looking forward to Wk5 R3. By no means do I expect it to be a breeze, but I am prepared to give it my best.


Well done and your motivation is inspiring. I'm 48 so am with you on the Fit at Fifty bit. I haven't lost any weight whatsoever but feel heaps fitter and healthier. Keep it up.


Your encouragement is appreciated. The key to my weight lose has been cutting out a lot of the junk food, eating a very good mix of fruits/veggies, grains, and meats, and learning what is a correct portion size. I track what I eat on log provided on sparkpeople.com to make sure I am getting the right amount of calories and nutrients. It's a great informative and supportive website that I highly recommend to everyone.


woop well done to you.you seem determined now.its 3 differnt runs aint it on 2nd run is going to be different ,ive not heard it yet. ;)


Thanks. I heard the warm-up portion of the next session, because that was what I cooled-down to today. Again, I was so into my own space that I didn't even hear what Laura said about durations of the runs. Oh well, it will be a nice surprise.


What a great blog! And you don't just look like the "Little Engine that Could" you ARE the "Little Engine that Could" cause you are an achiever AND a winner! Your grit and determination comes through clearly ... and you WILL be Fit at Fifty, for sure..

Keep us updated on your progress....


Oh, you are so kind. I really enjoy reading your blogs and comments, too. You are a great motivator.


i think we all motivater each other i love reading the blogs . roll on monday 2nd run !!!


Love your blog.

I am in the same boat, 55 and amazed at myself.

I`ve just been out waliking today mapping my next 2mile run :)

I also did the wee extra bits at the end of the third runs, to see if i could, before moving on.

I love this podcast it is truly life changing.

Good luck on your next run I think you will be just fine ;)

PS I`ve also had knee problems; what are the insoles you speak of??


Thank you. I bought the Spenco For Her Q Factor Cushions: spenco.com/products/footcar... I live in the States, and don't know if they are available outside of this country.


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