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Wow I did it Ran for 25 Mins


Week 6 Run 3 done !!

After reading many blogs and encouragement from all you guys here I listened and kept going rather than repeating. It definitely is a mind thing too. Now instead of dreading the 3rd Run ( cos I know what’s coming) I looked forward to it this morning ! And told myself I can do it !

Due to heavy rainfall and flooding in Bangkok I had to do on the treadmill which I imagine was easier than sweating it out In the park, but hey it’s all experience right. 😊

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Well done. I also ran this yesterday and found the issue was mental rather than physical. A really busy week had led to too many enforced rest days, so I was determined to get out and run. My half-formed thought was that I could always change and walk for a few minutes in the middle if I had to, then redo W6R3 on another day.

Turned out, the first few minutes were hell, but then I got into a rhythm and the time went quickly.

Who would have thought it - fat and nearly fifty, but it turns out I'm also a runner :-D

Jan-52Graduate in reply to Bobdbob

Oh Bob that’s fantastic !! Well done !!! You deserve to feel proud of yourself !!

Your right after 5 mins I was like hell am tired then put my mind in gear. I was ready to stop at 25 though for sure !!! I let out a large YES!!!! In the gym. Didn’t care if anybody heard !!

Keep it up Bob! I am 52 and really using this to increase stamina and build up my fitness level ! 😉😊

BobdbobGraduate in reply to Jan-52

When Sarah Milican said you should be so proud of yourself I shouted "I am" before realising it was 5:30am and I was on an otherwise silent residential street. I didn't care either :-)

kst2222Graduate in reply to Bobdbob

Lol bob I did that as well 😂

Razouski in reply to Bobdbob


OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jan-52

There are some great strength and stamina exercise you can put together, on rest days, to supplement the running...

Jan-52Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hey old floss great thanks. Normally on my rest days I do some yoga. And interesting some of the strength training on here are part of the yoga moves. Awesome !! Also thrilled that a friend of mine who got me onto this 5K saw my post today and motivated him to get back out running after a busy period at work. He is doing 10K !

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jan-52

That is brilliant.. I do yoga very day, ( today, on a wet and windy decking overlooking Cardigan Bay)... and my core strength regime too. Plus miles, walking with small runner in training too..( She, in her buggy !!!)

Good on your friend too. See what a role model you are :)

Jan-52Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes so it seems, my goal is to show others it’s possible !!So cute !! you are starting your child early !!! Happy Saturday !!

Well done. 25 minutes is fantastic. Just look how far you've come from those 1 minute runs in week 1. Great stuff. 🤓

mel909 in reply to Razouski

do you start with a one minute run, and build up?

so, how many of each? tar Mel909

Jan-52Graduate in reply to mel909

Are you following the couch to 5K programme Mel ? It’s a step by step programme to help you build up week by week. So now I have just finished week 6 which is 5 mins brisk walking 25 mins running and 5 mins warm down brisk walking. You need to start week 1 which is more like what your friend mentioned.

mel909 in reply to Jan-52

Well I am thinking of trying it, where can I find the how to do it?

I am impressed by your progress, my breathing is my issue, COPD, so anything that helps use the capacity I do have and strengthens n improves lung capacity. I don't really like gyms that much.

So here goes, the commitment is there, I will get a treadmill if need be. But would like to try outside ... The local park, I liveon a steep hill so not a good place to begin.

Regards Mel909

Jan-52Graduate in reply to mel909

Hi Mel

I think first you just check with your doctor about your condition. 😉


I agree - the Week 6 runs are definately where you learn about managing those gremlins! Hold that lesson and you will be just fine from here on in. Well done and good luck with the rest of the programme.☺

Jan-52Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks so much Sandra !


No need to dread any run...if you follow the programme, slow and steady... you are, as you are finding out.... ready for each and every one:)

Well done you :)

The lovely longer runs now, are where you find your happy pace... and make sure too, that now, you up your strength and stamina exercises on rest days :)

Jan-52Graduate in reply to Oldfloss


I'm about to drag myself out of bed and do this run too!

Jan-52Graduate in reply to cathsykes

Yeah go girl !! You will love it !! Report back and let me know. You will feel so good afterwards ! 💪👍🏃🏼🏃🏼

Hi Jan-52, great to know, a friend used to tell me, walk for a minute, run for a minute at first, so your sucess is brilliant, nothing much better than exersise for our lungs.... keep going.

I am thinking of trying it, though in October in Yorkshire, maybe I need a treadmill too.

well done .... Mel909

Jan-52Graduate in reply to mel909

Thanks Mel ! I am really enjoying it now. go for it slow and steady wins the race so they say. Look forward to reading your posts ! 😉

Razouski in reply to mel909

Hi mel909 ,

The Couch to 5k programme breaks down running week by week over 9 weeks running three times a week, so that by the end of week 9 you can run for 30minutes without interruption. Week 1 starts with 1 minute intervals of running interspersed with 1.5 minutes walking over 20minutes and then builds up in different ways.

You can see the programme explained here.

There are podcasts you can download onto your phone which talk you through each run as you do it. Or you can use the app which can be downloaded from the app store.

The programme is tried and tested and works really well. I would recommend it.

You can then come into the forums and let us know how its going. :-)

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