looks like i will be outdoor running !!!!! w8r2 a tale of calamity and a sore bottom

w8r2 , firstly i forgot i was on week 8 for some reason thought i was 7 and had to check myself ! then the first 12 mins as usual were hard gremlins pecking legs hurting breathing awful then suddenly i tingled all over from my scalp all the way down to my feet and i was running , actual proper running , no breathing issues legs pumping away like a fabulous robot and the next thing i knew at 25 minutes i was flat on my arse on my treadmill , i dont know what happened the treadmill stopped dead i could smell burning ( not my fabulous robot legs ) and i was down !! i am so peed off that was without a doubt my most amazing run everything was coming together and i actually got it i definatly know i had that one in the bag so im counting it as a 28 min !! anywoos , machine kaput i will have a tinker but dont hold much hope , and im going to HAVE to go outside , im very very scared and the thought of it is making me quite weepy ( anxiety issues ) but i really dont want to stop running and i cannot afford a new treadmill at the mo , .. there endeth my tale of woe ! :/


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  • Don't fret about going outside this forum will be your virtual escort while you are out just think of us when running and concentrate on the task in hand and remember to do what i didn't do yesterday.

  • well at least i would have a distraction :O if i started getting overwhelmed :D ... and thankyou :)

  • As I am going out tomorrow i will have to take my own advice before i go and see how I get on but it will be extremely early just me and the birds

  • See it as fate. This was meant to be. But don't be disappointed if you find it more difficult, lots of people have problems transitioning from treadmill to outside. But then they never look back!

  • See? even God hates treadmills.

  • Im the same week as you and have done the whole course outside. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I think beginning this time of year has helped with the outside gig but I cant imagine doing this any other way now! Go outside youll love it too :)

  • Hopefully once you've started then you can block out the gremlins that have stopped you thinking you couldn't do it outside in the past.

    At the start I found it helpful running when there wasn't going to be anybody about (which was easier at the time as it was still Winter and the nights were darker a lot earlier). Now I've found that I don't actually care if there's people around me. You might actually find it a good motivator, like saying to yourself, 'I know my time is coming up, but I'm definitely going to reach that lamp post before it's time up. Oh wait I'm already there, I'm hitting the next one before my time is up now!'

    I really hope you can enjoy it good luck for your next run! :)

  • You have got so far you can't let fear stop you from finishing . i didn't like being seen running, I still don't really but its no good denying yourself something you enjoy or that does you good. The positive mental feeling you get will outweigh by far the negative sides that will be in your mind, you just have to push yourself out the front door, and push that treadmill out the back door. It's good weather most of the time at this time, so it's a great time to get off the treadmill and I would say 'why deprive yourself of being outside?

    The other thing is it feels easier to cool off as you are exposed to the elements. You are bound to meet a jogger slower than you, I didn't think it possible when I went out but it is! Good luck.

  • That is exactly why I have a fear of treadmills!! We will be there for you secksy34. You know you can run so get outside and enjoy it - it's lovely out there at the moment. Pick your time when you know it will be quieter outside.

  • Oh well maybe it's a sign! Sounds like a great run

  • Everything the others said plus I respond very well to extremely graduated exposure (to anything new/scary). I am not saying wear a cycling cape and a large hat and sunglasses but you could, e.g. First stroll part of the route and sniff it and other potential users out. You could say to yourself 'I don't need to make eye contact '. You could say you'll only trot the slightly downhill bits, etc, etc. These mental notes from your safely strolling adult perspective might re emerge when u get to panic stations. Also you could say 'I can go home at any time, there is always tomorrow'. You've got yourself physically most excellently ready to do this - but that doesn't mean your psyche won't appreciate a bit of special care. Have some applause ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Seriously good advice๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Ouch, hope you're alright!

  • thanks all for the moral gee up , but IVE FIXED IT YIPPEE !!! my bum is very sore and ive jarred my back though so will be taking it easy today ( supposed to be wallpapering ) hppy running everyone xx

  • Excited that you hit the running Zone Secksy๐Ÿ˜Š It's a shame you hit the ground with a bump too!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Now you know you have amazing robot legs and can have regular breathing there is nothing left to worry about.,. You will soon be at the podium and through the graduation door.....

    Good luck with the rest of Week 8...๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Your run sounds amazing! I have occasionally experienced the tingling - but usually only when Laura said "1 minute to go" so it might have been for a different reason.

  • Can't imagine running on treadmill. Enjoy the great outdoors.

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