im a big brave girl !!!

so many of you that remember me know i did the c25k on a treadmill due to my anxiety at going outdoors alone etc , well yesterday i managed my first local area run , my tom tom went toots up so didnt know how far / long i had run until i got home and popped it into laptop , i managed 50 minutes 44 of those were non stop then i messed my watch up stopped for a sec and ran for another 6 mins , i have only ever managed 60 mins on treadmill so i think for a first time out thats quite good going timewise , HOWEVER my pace was sooooooooooo slow and i only managed to cover about 3.08 miles , now i can say i thoughroughly enjoyed getting out and running in the fresh air , it was harder for definate but no one paid me any attention and i went at school morning rush , i loved it so much that ive decided to do my local parkrun on saturday too to get a feel for race running :P i would like to thank everyone who helped me along on my running journey i know i have many miles in me , im a happier healthier person now and mentally i feel the benefits , XX happy runnIng


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32 Replies

  • Woohoo Well done. Now the world is truly your oyster. Have a great park run!

  • thanks whattsapp , i read lobster instead of oyster maybe cos i know ill look like one after the " dreaded hill" at the start of the second lap of the parkrun lol x

  • Fabulous, I am really happy for you. This programme really is magic isn't it? :) :) :)

  • its fabulous , i know lots of people say it but if i can do it , anyone can ... fact lol x hope ur doing good :D

  • I am great thanks. Still running and I have just started the programme again- running as fast as I can rather than my usual sedate jog, plus a longer run each weekend. Nice to be back with Laura :) I am always happy to hear about people who I ran with during the programme, it's good to know that you are still running and making such great progress!

  • Wow wow wow! Go you!

    Well done, and thank you for giving me the impetus to get off my a**e and get out there (though the sound of the wind howling down the chimney is doing its best to put me off)!

  • you can use the wind as turbo boost and go for a PB lol xx but thanks i never thought i would be giving anyone impetus to get off there butt lol x have a great run , x

  • Ignore the wind.. go out :)

  • Well done, that's a brilliant distance, enjoy the park run on Saturday.

  • thankyou i shall endeavour not to get too overwhelmed at the people there lol , :D

  • I am so glad you have ventured out and enjoyed it! Welcome to the world of outdoor running - continue to have fun!

  • Well done! That’s a huge step - and now the whole world is there for the taking! Outdoor running is great fun (mostly!).

  • i dont mind the rain , im a northerner lol :D

  • Well done - Happy running outdoors, its much nicer (most of the year!)

  • will be nice to not overheat lol !! no chance of that at this time of year

  • Yeah - you just get to play the "Layers" game before you leave....for the record, i always leave wearing too much, and end up home in far less!

  • Good for you Secksy...a lovely long run in the fresh air.😊Don't worry about speed (its over- rated😉) I'm with you in the 'it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there you are doing it' brigade😆...

    Good luck with your Parkrun. You need to print off a barcode I think.😊xx

  • all ready done and in mi shoe ready n waiting lol !!! i didnt want any excuses so have myself all done n dusted , may even sleep in my running gear friday night lol x

  • That's fantastic,what a achievement! Well done

  • thanks :D

  • Yay, well done!!!

    So glad your first outdoor run was good. All that vitamin D and fresh air will do you good and I imagine the sensory stimulation was well in excess of treadmill running.

    There are some beautiful places to run out there.

    Good luck with the next stage of your running adventure.

  • thanks so much , onwards and upwards as they say !

  • Woo hoo. That's brilliant. I have so much admiration for people who do this programme on a treadmill. I would be so bored I would give up.

    But now you are outdoors and have the choice. Well done and enjoy the park run.

  • my mind went numb when i was on the treadmill lmoa outdoors defo more stimulating

  • Whoop whoop whoop. Enjoy, you have come a very very long way!

  • thanks , im still surprised when i realise i can run lol X

  • Wow - well done, the outside world is just one big treadmill with so many settings!!!! Enjoy Parkrun 8-)

  • thankyou , im sure ill have a lovely time ( after its all done )

  • That's brilliant and running for that long I'm impressed 👏

  • thanks i shocked myself too X

  • So brave ... well done you!

    Good luck tomorrow, run at you own pace and you'll be fine.

    Happy running!

  • aww really happy for you, brilliant!

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