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Swollen knee 60 hours after w2r3

I am on drugs for rheumatoid arthritis so was really chuffed to get to end of wk 2 on Friday morning with no joint pain at all. But this evening my knee is stiff and swollen - I want to believe it was walking to a party in high heels last night and not the running at all! But should I dose up with ibuprofen and keep running??? So gutted after such a great first two weeks!

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Not really got personal experience on this but I would say yyou would be better getting yourself to the local swimming pool or on an exercise bike until the swelling goes down. Generally speaking do just get worse if ignored and that I can say from experience.


Thanks for the advice :)


I would rest up.. the painkillers just mask the issue... it probably was the high heels!!!

RICE treatment and when the swelling has gone, a gentle outing, a little jogette as Irishprincess would say :) and see how you go :) You will be fine:)


I agree that it sounds like the heels but don't run on it, please! Rest, ice, elevation and ibuprofen. Runnning will still be here when it has settled. Take care and hope you are back out there soon.🙂


Thank you! So frustrated as I have loved being active for the first time in my adult life!

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