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W2R3 - Knee Pain (sorry this is moany) :(

Since completing the second run of week 2, I have experienced almost constant pain in both my knees. I am scared that I might have damaged my knees in some way, but do really want to keep on this programme.

Anyway, yesterday I drove and hobbled to a shop where I had a quick gait analysis on a treadmill and was shown to be over-pronating a bit. I realise that my weight and unfitness are probably not helping matters at all, but the pain has been awful and I needed some new trainers anyway (mine were not very worn, but were very old and a bit small) so I bought a pair of trainers meant to help correct over pronating while running.

This morning I set out with my husband to do W2R3, but I experienced quite a bit of discomfort during the warm up walk and the first runs. It didn't actually feel any worse with the later runs, but I was going really slowly. I didn't stop, but more or less limped home afterwards.

Although my knees felt slightly better when I iced them earlier, they have been really hurting all day. I am trying to work on the computer, but the pain makes it hard to focus and I think that I will go and look for some Ibuprofen.

Really don't know what to do - I am committed to the Race for Life in July so I want to be running 5k by then, but I don't want to cause myself any lasting injury. I keep meaning to download the stretching podcasts from here.

Definitely not going to start Week 3 on Monday, but not even sure whether or not I should repeat a run from Week 2 or just walk or rest. I will be so disappointed if I have to give up! I don't have a gym membership and the nearest public pool is about 3 miles away, which wouldn't be anywhere near as convenient as just popping out for a run to try to lose weight and get fitter.

So sorry that I am a bit downhearted today. Without the knee pain, my run would have been great!

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Forget race for life for now(you can always hop skip or jump instead of running it!) & perhaps head to the docs or a physio for a check up, keep icing and rest for extra days so you don't do lasting damage, I'm sure you'll soon be up and running again soon, you just can't rush some things , Ally x


Thanks very much for the advice. I am now seriously considering having a longer rest break!


Good idea but don't leave it too long, It's a great programme that does work x


Maybe try an extra rest day or two. Wear your new trainers each day for a few hours and do the RICE. I have a dodgy knee which will always cause me grief. I wear a light support on it when I run. Only you can determine if you should go on or not. I think if it were me, I would try to do the extra rest, then go out and see how I do. If you are having constant, sharp pain, please go see a professional. Good luck to you! Gayle


It is good to see that a knee prob doesn't necessarily mean that a person will never graduate! Congrats! My docs is very busy, but if the pain persists for a few days I will book an appointment. I know that nobody knows exactly what is causing my pain and therefore can't really tell me what I should do, but I am very interested to hear

from anyone who has experienced knee pain and recovered enough with stretches, treatment or strapping, or any other means, to continue running. I am have got my knees elevated on a footstall at the moment! Thanks for your advice!


I too have knee pain while doing week 2. Have taken ibuprofen but am getting chronic indigestion though, wonder if some of the pain to the back of my knee is coming from my back . I too really want to do this and want to graduate


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