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First 60 minutes run

I'm training for a 10K run in York on the 3rd of August, and have been increasing my long runs by 10% over the last weeks. Today I crossed the 60 minutes threshold by spending 63 minutes on running 9 km. I'm chuffed with that - it's not long ago since the thought of running for an hour sounded absolutely ridiculous to me.

As far as training for a 10k event is concerned, I consider 9km a month before the event must mean I have a really good chance of completing the run. And just completing it is really the main thing. Ideally I'd like to get a time around 60 minutes for the 10k, so I will have to start spending some time on speed training real soon. Fartlek or sprint intervals or tempo running or whatever it's all called. Guess the name doesn't matter much, as long as it involves speeding up.

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Well Done Tomas! I think the first time you run for such a long time you need to take it steady, but I bet in the next few weeks you'll be knocking the spots of what is already a really good time :)

60 minutes running is the next step for me too, having just run 2 x 30 minutes with a 1 minute interval in the B210K programme. Any tips?

Emily :)


That sounds fantastic Tomas. Don't forget to include stamina training as well to help you develop a good base.


Thanks emkeenan and Tanya.

What's the special thing about stamina? I thought being able to run longer distances was what stamina is about. But maybe I need to educate myself.


My understanding (semantics maybe) -- speed is running fast, endurance is running long -- and stamina is a combination of both . :)


Ah. Yes,that makes sense. Thanks Bazza.


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