Knee Pain after Running

I have really bad knee pain after running. It doesn't sound like runner's knee from what I've read about it. It doesn't hurt to touch. It kind of feels like my knees need to pop but they don't. The pain is worse in the mornings when I wake up and when I go down stairs. It started on Monday after running and I've walked 5 miles wednesday and today (friday) and that was ok but I attempted to lightly jog and that wasn't happening. It hurts too much. I've taken up to 800mg of Ibuprofen and it doesn't seem to do much. I have stretched and they feel much better after stretching but it doesn't last too long. Is there anything I can do to help it? Does anyone have any idea what it may be? I am a little overweight and I'm new to fairly new to running but I've been walking a while with no problems. I have good shoes. I stretch before, midway and after walking/running. I'd really like to get back to running ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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7 Replies

  • There is a great website which someone on here recommended to me , knee- pain-explained. It tells you all they possible reasons for pain and has some great exercises to strengthen knees.

    I don't stretch before hand but do afterwards, that seems to work for me. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Walk downstairs like Frankenstein's monster the morning after running is quite common unfortunately. New runners knee though I'd say.

    This is why we have a rest day between runs. If you still ache you take an extra day. Aching when you're new to running is to be expected and is not usually a sign that anything's wrong. It takes a while to build running legs, not to mention upper body and arms. You'll get there though and it does get easier honest. It's a 9 weeks programme so hang in there

  • I'm suffering too. Have been to physio + she says it's the medial joint for me inflammed due to weak quads + bottom muscle. Its 2 weeks since I ran, she has had me on the exercise bike 20mins interval training (1min fast/higher resistance + then 1min slower) plus 3x10 leg press. Also ice on the area for 20mins for 2or3 times a day to help reduce inflammation. She also taped up my knee to support it for a couple of days plus some acupuncture. I'm going back on Tuesday (very lucky she also gave me a month free access to gym!) Also got orthotic insoles for my trainers to support my arches to prevent knees rolling in. I had also been to running shop to get shoes but been told neutral shoes ok....I do pronate thou, they didn't spot this as only looked at ankles running) physio has assured me pain will go, but it's taking its time!!! Got to build up those other muscles!

  • There really are lots of reasons it could be ..... if you have real concerns a visit to a phyio could allay any fears and or give you guidance ..

    There are plenty of exercises out there you can do , Utube etc but with out knowing the cause 1st might do more harm than good

    I speak from injury couch myself with pain/discomfortin my knee very slowly on the recovery and rehab road back .

    You can't take chances with your knees, sorry not exactly upbeat and positive but I'd rather be safe than sorry .

  • Well, I finally went to see someone after about 2 weeks of pain that seemed to be getting worse as time went by. The verdict: inflammation, that's all it was! They gave me a shot of some anti-inflammatory medicine they described as Super-Ibuprofen. It was something called Toradol. They also gave me prescription strength Ibuprofen (800mgs every 6 hours) to take home and wrapped my knees real tight with ace bandages. I was better in days. I can now run again. It was about 3 weeks of pain total but if I would have went to see someone sooner it would have probably only been a couple days. (Sorry for the late update, and thanks for your responses.)

  • I'm having problems with my left knee. Who did you go to see? Physio or doctor?. There is a sports therapist opposite my flat. I wonder if that is worth a visit?

  • You really should go to an orthopedic who will likely order an MRI. Could be a minor or even microscopic tear in the meniscus or your hips could be in need of an adjustment. Lots of women get knee pain because of the "Q" angle which places stress on the knees. Do you go to a chiropractor? If so, mention it to him or her and definitely see an ortho. In the meantime, is there a field or a really cushiony track you can jog on instead?

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