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Wk 1 DONE!!!!

I'm just in from my third run of week 1 and I'm still alive. I feel like shouting and screaming, very strange.

As I predicted, my only real issue during the runs was my reluctant lungs which I still believe may be allergic to running, but they were never so bad I couldn't get to the sixty second mark ( not so sure about 90😱)

More of a surprise to me was that I had sore hips after each run. Is this normal? Am I being over optimistic thinking it will just settle down after a few weeks? ( They were never bad enough to need painkillers and had gone back to normal before the next run - I ran Mon, Wed, Fri.

Congrats to all the other week1 successes ( and the other weeks too, but the pedestal I have you on is so high I can barely see you, so I'm focusing on my fellow 60 second runners😉)

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I dont know about hips but wanted to say: be proud! You did it! Youre awesome :)


I noticed in week one and two that I'd be seriously out of breath. I'd also notice that later on in the day or the next day that it felt line my lung capacity had increased.

I think it's perfectly normal to feel aches and pains when you're doing new exercise or something you haven't done for a while. Worth keeping an eye on things that don't feel too good though. I had to stop for about a month during week 3 because I strained my calf. It started off as a bit of a twinge and I thought I could get through but within twenty yards it had become really painful and I was limping around for a week.

Good luck with the rest of the course. I've just done week 5 and it feels amazing. Week 1 is a fantastic achievement, you should be proud!


Yay! Well done!


Well done you. Keep it slow and steady and try to land lightly .. you may, as some of us do, at the beginning... be slamming your feet down a tad hard :)


Well done !!!! Pains are (hopefully) down to using muscles that have lain dormant for a while given that they settle down quickly. Week 2 is a step further but is very doable.

The C25K mantra kicks in here - take it slowly. You are not in a race but finishing is important. This is how you build stamina to face the runs that follow.

Good luck and keep us posted👍

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I get noticeably sore hips running on sand or snow. It might just be that you're getting used to the running motion. If you'd like to stretch them out look for hip flexor stretches. I do some when they're really tight

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