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First Parkrun...Done!


Saturday saw me participate in my first Parkrun after completing 5 weeks of Couch to 5k. After a lot of consideration, reading advice both here and on Instagram, and talking to my runner boyfriend I made the decision not to include Couch to 5k into this run and, for now, do Parkruns as a separate run. With all the hills around me, mixed with the pace I run, I've not yet run a 5k on Couch to 5k despite seeing a number of fellow C25kers completing 5ks by week 4. So this proves to be a good fitness benchmark.

So Saturday morning from about 8.45am I was stood in Wolverhampton preparing for my first 5k run and my first run with around 300 other people.

I hadn't walked the route before....big mistake! The first lap felt a little never ending. However it did end, with a total of about 3 minutes of walking of a 15 minute lap.

The second two laps were definitely easier, as I felt I had some visual markers, again, each of these probably had a similar amount of walking time in them.

Rounding the final corner to the finish, I have never felt so relieved and from somewhere deep inside found a reserve supply of energy to sprint over the finish pleased it was over.

My boyfriend ran alongside the entire way, and we were never lapped by his two family members who were also running, so lots of bonuses all over I think!

I'm pleased with the time, but I'm mostly pleased for finishing having run more than I walked.

Thank you to all the lovely people on here who have given sound advice and encouragement as I have prepared to take on the Parkrun. I'm very pleased to have done it and look forward to next Saturday.

In the mean time, hello week 6!

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You did very, very well indeed and were sensible too :)

You had a great time too:)

Huge well done!

The only reason we advise folk not to attempt to run a park run before the last weeks of C25K is for safety reasons,,, :) Unless they plan to walk it..or use it, as you say as a C25K planned run:)

Thank you.

That makes sense for not doing it while doing C25k...we looked through it all and of course I had the option to stop and walk as much as I felt I required. I also made sure there was a rest day between my previous C25k run and this run, and a rest day after and so far that seems to be working for me. And we will just take each week as it comes and decisions will be made on the day.

Thank you for the positivity! It's such a great atmosphere, really gave me a lovely boost.


Well done.

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Thanks Jay, and thank you for all your advice!


Hi Misskitty

Well done on completing your first parkrun, and a great time.

From your other posts i see you are just completeing week 5 on the programme which is 20mins of running. But on Saturday you asked your legs to do twice as much. We dont advise this as you are just building those running legs and need to do that gently. Some runners can get away with this, particularly if they are already fit and active, but I wouldnt want others to replicate this approach and end up with an overuse injury.

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