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Wk 1 -7 what a difference!

Wow, I can't believe how much difference, and how far I've come in 7 weeks!!

I'm new to this site - only discovered it a few days ago, but really enjoy reading all your stories, and thought I'd share mine.

I'm a very overweight 30something, and have been doing weight watchers for the past year. In sept last year I tried c25k but failed with bad knees. However, 7 weeks ago - started again. Knees supported with patella straps and good running shoes, after having my gait checked.

My first run was horrid!! I was gasping for breath and legs were weak, and I was seriously doubting I'd ever run 2 mins let alone 25! however, I stuck with it and over this last week I'm doing fab!

I'm so proud of myself. Week 6 run 3 I had to do on my own, so armed with laura and a bottle of water - was off on my usual route round the local lake. I was so determined I was going to complete my lap, that when laura told me time was up, I ran for an extra 2 mins!!

This has happened quite a few times, recently as I really want to complete a circuit of the lake (approx 2.6km).

I'm loving the program! Today is run 3 of week 7, and I'm hopiong the rain will hold off. On thurs run's we got caught in the rain and got absolutely drenched!! It was so much fun!! Cold though!

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Hi sounds like you're as hooked as the rest of us are!! It's great when you realise how far you've come in only a relatively short time, I'm amazed that I'm able to run now for 30 mins when just a few weeks ago I could barely run for 1!

Well done and good luck for the next couple of weeks :)


Welcome to the site, its lovely here :)

Not long and you'll soon be Graduating :)

Its great that you are finishing strong to complete your laps, means you aren't afraid of pushing that bit further to achieve what you want.


Hi lizziej - your post has really encouraged me!

I graduated about 3 weeks ago but am very slow and still haven't gone over 5k yet; I've signed up for a 10k at the end of May but was just getting depressed about how impossible that sounds (even though I'm following a structured Bridge to 10k plan which fits in with the timescale). Reading your post has just reminded me how I never ever ever ever EVER thought back in January that I would be able to run 5k - and yet here I am doing it three times a week!! We do need to pause every so often and just go 'Wow! I did THAT!!' - so well done and thanks for that timely reminder :-) :-) :-)

(I will write a celebratory post when I finally break through the 5k barrier..... hopefully next week!).


Hey Juicy, I'm an incredibly slow runner so slow my OH was walking by me today (run at approx 5.8kmh). My target is to the 5k race for life on July 22nd, so a bit to go yet. Would loveto increase my speed so hat I could complete in under 45 mins. Goo luck with the 5k barrier next week xx


Wow! Amazing progress. Well done!


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