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New shoes and wk 1 day 1 done :-)

Further to my post a day or two ago i have been and got some proper running shoes. The staff in the shop were so kind and really put me at ease....especially as i had never been on a treadmill before but they soon sorted me out and now have a great pair of running shoes that are right for me. I also completed my first run today and feel very proud of myself.

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Enjoy your new shoes, good luck with your journey. Be warned it starts with shoes and soon you will be buying all sorts.


Congratulations! You've taken a very important first step!


Oh new shoes! Can you post a photo of them? We love looking at everyone's' new shoes.

Well done on that run!


Where's the picture of the shoes Nin?

Enjoy them and happy running.


Well done for starting the programme - It's fabulous. I'm starting Week 4 today, I'm hooked :-) I started with the shoes after I got home from the third run feeling like my old trainers were lead-lined moon boots. A week later I exchanged my son's baggy sports trousers for running gear - I agree with vixchile, you'll end up with speed stripes in no time :-)


Well done for starting off in the right way, your shoes will make all the difference. Where's the pic? It's obligatory you know!


I can confirm that shoes make a lot of difference. My old Brooks Ghost 7s have 600km on them but look almost like new (a little duller, but no sign of wear as such). However, in the last couple of weeks my knees and ankles and toes have been aching, especially on rest days.

Sunday I wore a new pair of Brooks Ghost 7s, and the difference was really obvious, they felt much more cuhsioned and hugging. I put in a new distance personal best of 14km, and my feet and legs dont ache at all this morning.

I'll certainly be replacing these before 600km this time, as I dont want a return of the aching ankles knees and toes.

On measuring the sides of the soles on the old and new shoes, I see that the hight at the heel has reduced from 20mm to 18mm on the old ones. This is down to compression set rather than wear.


Well done.

I'm just starting week 3.

I haven't gone for new shoes yet (mine are perfectly okay at the moment but I'm so looking forward to when they aren't and I can buy new).

But I have bought the running trousers (sausage pants I call them - my fat legs taper down to thin ankles), running vest and running jacket (all from Tescos when I was supposed to be doing my food shopping) and I can't actually believe that my shopping recommendations on Amazon now include running socks!!

Socks are to be my next purchase (when I complete wk 3) and then a running belt (on completion of wk 4).


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