Unable to run for almost 3 weeks 😔

So, after nearly 3 weeks I'm still not able to run. I have a bad chest infection that I have self diagnosed as potentially being bronchitis :(

My last 2 runs were a mixed bag - the first was really good and I felt invincible. The second was rubbish with my chest becoming tight and I had to keep stopping as I couldn't catch my breath. That was my last run and I'm desperate to get back out there but sadly I can't at the moment. I'm waiting to see if things improve by the beginning of next week otherwise it will be a trip to the doctors to see if my self diagnosis was correct.

I never thought I'd miss running as much as I have over these last couple of weeks. Here's to a speedy recovery.

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9 Replies

  • Oh yes.. here is to a speedy recovery for you!!!


    I can totally sympathise.. the bronchitis hit so many of us in January and I have just had a return short bout of something like it.. but not as bad!

    Forget the GP, they cannot do anything... plenty of rest, liquids, good food and soothing sucky sweets.. don't waste any cash on cough stuff either.. it goes, when it goes.. :(

    The cough can last for up to seven weeks!!! So.... unless you feel you are getting worse, just stick it out.. :)

    Sorry to sound like a prophet of doom, but like you, I was so missing the running and found out everything there was to know about bronchitis..!!! The NHS link is quite informative:)


    Good news is, it does go :) ... and suddenly you know you are fit to venture out again.. My post after the last bout proved it :) It might cheer you up if you read it... " There is a voice that does not use words" :)

    I am going to try a very, very slow walk/run tomorrow if the weather is dry... and, also, make sure you steer clear of fog or mist.. it really does get to your chest!!!

    So.. take care of yourself and make sure that your chest feels okay.. the cough does hang on, but your chest should feel easy, if that makes sense :)

    Big Hug... but gentle x

  • Thank you. I'll read the link when I have a moment. I don't think it helps that I've just been out on the sidelines of a hockey pitch for nearly 1.5 hours today cheering on my eldest. Glad to hear it does get better as me and the rest of the family are fed up of the cough!

  • Oh dear.. yes, the blinking cough is a real pain.. I am sick of hearing myself...!

    Only good thing was husband had it too!!!

    Love hockey!!! Hope your team won :)

  • You are so right Oldfloss, I was a 'just sit it out' patient too! Sorry to hear you have been under the weather again - fingers crossed for a nice gentle restorative run tomorrow for you!

  • Patience is so difficult to master though🙂 Thanks you.xxx

  • I sympathise too as I went from cold to cold (plus bronchitis) in December. I couldn't run for about four weeks! If it's any consolation I regained my fitness very quickly once I was free of the lurgy. Here's hoping you'll be back out there soon too.🙂

  • Thank you and glad to hear fitness comes back quickly.

  • get well soon!

  • Thanks!

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