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w6r3, done!

I just post here what I've been doing as if I'm writing in my diary. I don't want to post on social media constantly about my running adventure, but I also need to talk about it =DD In a year, I wanna come back and read these, and be surprised (hopefully).

So, after doing my w5r2 session as a non-stop running for 27 mins, here is how I proceeded:

W5R3: I was listening to the podcast, but I ran for 30 min, 4.4k, non-stop. I think I need to improve my posture, my back hurt for the last two minutes. Then I did some runners' yoga, and felt really good.

W6R1: Still listening to Laura (it is kinda relieving) but ran for 35 min, 5.2km, non-stop. I was so proud of myself. No serious pain or something, I did stretching and yoga, and that was it.

W6R2: My resistance training the day before focused on legs, so I was pretty tired. Decided to stick with the program. I was running to work with my backpack (not heavily packed, though), I did 10mins running, 3mins walking, 10mins running. It was hard, so I took it easy.

After the work out on my non-running day and w6r2 next day, I had an appointment at the hospital that is 6.2k away. I walked there and back, and it was too much. The last five mins, I wanted to sit down and cry. Hahhaha.

Took 2 days of rest this time, just doing yoga and walking to work and back.

W6R3: I did not have my phone with me, but wanted to run. So this time, without Laura, I ran for 29mins. But I was so slow, so so slow that I couldn't believe. I mean, not that it matters much, I was just surprised how slow I could get. Music that I've been complaining a lot was apparently quite helpful to keep me on track.

So I guess, I am not an exemplary participant in this C25k program, but I am really glad that I am doing it (my way, but still). I am glad that I committed to this one way or another and stick around enough to see that it is more of a mental challenge than anything else.

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Stick to the programme? Doing too much is risking injury

The programme is progressive so stay with it and you will graduate just fine at week 9

Walking everywhere is great cross training. It builds you up and gives you stamina. It's the same with anything you do, the more you do it, the better you get but you have to give it time 🙂


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