See that big splodge of white on the BBC weather map, on the Pennines, just down from Newcastle - that was our running weather this morning :( !

It flurried on all morning, not doing much, so Winston and I set off for the 30 min warm up walk that we do and soon found ourselves in a 'white out'! Poor Winny was a white lab! I kept checking the ground to make sure it wasn't going to be too slippy to run and it seemed OK. So we turned around after 30 mins, switched the MP3 back on, and headed back - not nice running with snow flying in your face :( ! Winny was looking at me as if to say 'Why'?????

It's a hell of a long time running for 25 mins, :o and you go a hell of a long way! I was hoping that 'our Laura' wasn't going to tell me when each of the 5 mins were up - that would have been soul destroying - and was chuffed when she said '12 1/2 minutes'.

The last 5 were really hard on my legs (they were so so cold), but breathing was fine. I didn't have the energy to pick the pace up for the last 60 secs, but kept going, kept going, kept going :D :D ! And slow down.......! 25 mins running in the bag!

When 'our Laura' said those magic words, I thought 'Cool :8 yes, I'm like one of those strange people that run for fun in inclement weather!!!

Week 7 here we come -I haven't looked at what's in store ;) ...xx


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  • Week 7... you're going to love it!

    I think at the end of all this, Winston should have his own graduation badge and party!

    Well done. Fabulous run by the both of you!😊😊😊

  • Poor little Winston! He must be wondering what on earth has happened! ;)

    I know what you mean about the joy of running in snow, and realising that it must mean you actually enjoy this running lark, or at least are pretty serious about doing it! :) Well done, runner! :D

  • Don't look! Never look! Just do it πŸ˜ƒ

    Well done for getting out and staying out. The dog has to be taken out anyway so you might as well kill two birds with one stone πŸ˜„

    I am headed south tomorrow for the footy. Hoping we don't pitch up and it get called off, as has happened before πŸ™„

  • Ooh youve got Northampton Town tomorrow misswobble . I always have to have a chuckle at their nickname :-D

    Weve got Cardiff City , and hoping we can get back to winning ways xxx

  • A woman at WW used her dog as exercise to get fit and lose weight. It took her two years to get to goal. She walked for two hours each day come hell or high water. She said her dog hated every minute, used to roll his eyes and try to hide. She Said his eyes would get big, like saucers, as if pleading with her to go on her own 😁 She did it though. She's a Leader now 😊

    The Dog? No idea 😁

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Well done to you and Winny !

    All straight runs now to Graduation, he'll like that wont he ? As long as its not snowing :-) xxx

  • Tee hee.. :)

    I think many of us are strange then.. we have to be with the weather here in the UK...:) Wind, snow, rain, hail, sleet, and the very odd time when there may be... errr warmth!

    Go you... very, very well done! Week 7.. You'll walk it :) ( Not literally ) :) x

  • Well done!!! that weather sounds horrendous!!!

    Next week just looks like more of the same when I had a quick peak yesterday..

  • Congratulations on a great run despite the weather. We had pretty little snow flurries here, nothing settling and fortunately no ice. Definitely better than the heavy rain last week.

    W7 beckons. Weather forecast for sun here on Monday. Looking forward to the days getting longer and not having to run in the dark.

  • Wow, interesting run! Well done to you both. We are having bright, dry and sunny weather here in the Highlands!

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