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Week 3 complete

Phew! I went as slowly as I could and still needed my inhaler. So glad I can put my feet up now!

Trying not to worry about week 4... 5 minutes sounds like a long time when 3 minutes left me breathing heavily even though I jogged slower than I normally walk.

On the plus side, a little old lady gave me a thumbs up when I "ran" by her earlier which made me beam like a crazyperson!

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Yes to supportive old ladies!! Your doing so well :) x


Hey :)

I know exactly what you mean. I started week three yesterday and its demotivated me. You mentioned an inhaler, are you asthmatic? If so I found out you should take it twenty minutes before exercise. I do that now and it helps. Also, if needs be repeat a week. Your health is important. I had to repeat week one lol but then managed week two easier because of it. :)


I'll try taking it 20 minutes before My run on Tue, thanks for recommending!


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