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Week 6 Run 3 Complete

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I started out today again in normal state, sleep deprived, breastfeeding and tired. My hip has been tight today. But I had a good lunch and tried to drink lots all day. I thought lots about all the things that are on my mind before the run ( family illness, children, money, LIFE blah blah) and how I let all this go when I am running. Its really important to me that I get into a state of flow and love it that running gives me this, so off I went.

First 10 minutes I was slow but did lots of inclines and then got a stitch for the rest of the way ( dehydration again?). When I run my hip loosens up and doesn't hurt so this was a good awareness today. My dodgy bad hip and broken back like running!

When I hit 20 minutes I was further along my route than I had been on the 20 minute run so a bit of a shock as I was so slow today. Last 5 minutes was harder in body but lovely in mind and breathing and I picked up the pace a bit. Was lovely to be told I'm a runner. I feel a real sense of calm after the runs which is so useful as I normally have a toddler crawling over me when I am doing my stretches. I'm going to have a bath later and eat some nice fruit and nut. I love looking this beetroot XX

11 Replies

Respect to you for doing this while you are breastfeeding. I could never have done that!

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Thank you x

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Beetroot is the in shade... :)

Go you ! Very well done indeed...I am totally in awe of the super Mamas on this programme... :)

Keep it slow and steady and relax just as you are doing to let this running soothe your mind.. :)

I know after my two days small runner in training caring each week.. I feel as if I have had a mammoth work out session... my run days seem like easy-peasy fun :)

Brilliant :)

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Michele2017Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, Yes I don't sit down from 6 am till now. So maybe that helps! It is intense looking after babies and children X Looking forward to being able to relax on runs X

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👏👏👏👏 well done! It’s a tough one and seems a huge leap from 2 x 10 mins in R2 but just goes to show how good this plan is and how far we’ve come! How did you cope with the stitch? Did it ease off or did you just manage to grit your teeth through it? Good luck with the next run. Not sure I’ll be able to do mine until Sunday as working long days until Thurs then off to Bruges with the girlies for the first of my big 5-0 celebrations!! Have a good week x

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Hurrah, Happy birthday!! 5-0 the new 40.XX I did just run through the stitch and hoped for the best. Last 5 minutes were good but lord was i slow at the beginning! Having some time off will really help and you will smash the next run with rest. We have come so far I cannot believe it. Will rest a couple of days now and see what happens in week 7, feels weird no more breaks but hoping to relax a bit. Enjoy Bruges lots of lovely beer and food. I've just eaten half a bar of fruit and nut as a reward XX

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Well done. You're doing fantastic👍😁

I've always put stitches down to breathing. Try if poss to keep your breath in for a second before exhaling. Usually I can see off a stitch with some deep regular breathing.

It does feel odd to leave the breaks behind but you can do it 👍💪🤗

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Thankyou... Stitches happened after the inclines..OK so breathe in and hold then exhale?

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Hi Michele2017, I so admire you running Mums, good for you! You have reminded me of those days in my life when I was a ‘cycling mum’. It had its hilarious moments: the doctor at an antenatal appointment who said disapprovingly “I suppose you have come on your bike? “- “Er, yes!” He did grudgingly admit that it was alright. The little voice on the back of the bike saying “I’m pushing too mummy!“ as I slogged up a hill and two small cold hands planted on my backside and nearly shoved me off the saddle! But running???! Not on my radar then! - I’m really proud of you!! Enjoy each and every little running adventure! Xx😃

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Michele2017Graduate in reply to Elfe5

That made me laugh. I am so enjoying it. Life is so full on at the moment that Its impossible not to enjoy the break that I get from lots of demands and screaming. X I love being a mum but the self care is really important to survive mentally. x I cannot believe that you cycled good on you xx

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Michele2017

That’s wonderful. You are absolutely right- self care is an essential ‘Mum survival skill’. 😀

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