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W2 R1

Last night I was doubting whether I'd feel up to a run this morning but up I got, silly o'clock, beautiful spring morning, and off I went to start week 2. It wasn't too bad at all, the 90 seconds didn't feel as long as I thought they would - but by goodness I do notice the difference a slight gradient makes! I live in a very hilly town and it's really hard to find flat roads to run along. I treated myself to a slight downhill slope for my last run, but the couple which took me up slight inclines were much more difficult. I guess it's all learning and I'll just keep going!

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Very well done..I was out early this morning too... beautiful morning... a bit nippy to start, but soon warmed up:)

We just learn to embrace the hills as we do the weather! The blighters are everywhere. Part of my running plan this morning was to put a few inclines in was fine :)

You are doing well...onwards and errr...upwards :)


Sports Bras..great! It's the getting out bit that gets me...Mr Oldfloss used to help...but he was enjoying it too much!


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