Over 50 Lady Needs Encouragement:)

Hello Everyone,

Looking for encouragement from over 50 ladies. I am 54 (yikes how did that happen!) and have noticed I am getting way too flabby. Several years ago I hit the gym and got pretty fit and simultaneously did c25k and accomplished the 5k goal. Only did it once and then stopped due to a surgery. Fast forward five years and I'm a total couch potato and the aging process has accelerated due to menopause (tmi, lol). I feel like my ship has sailed and this isn't possible since I let myself get so out of shape. I also had a bit of a bladder problem (thanks to my 4 kids whom I love dearly) and am not sure I want to deal with that again. I feel like the more I ran the more I leaked. When I stopped, the problem stopped. Anyone else have that problem? It almost felt like running stretched a muscle which caused leakage. What a pain in the butt:( Anyway, any encouragement from over 54 Ladies is appreciated. I know it's good for me especially since I am high risk for osteoporosis.


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  • The only advice I can give is make sure you wee as much as you can before you go out. If you've had a mug of tea for instance, make sure it's gone through before you try running. Other than that Dr Google must have some advice?

  • I'm not quite an over-50s lady yet, but I just wanted to say that your ship definitely hasn't sailed!! You've done this once before and I've got no doubt you can do it again, and you will find a way to deal with the bladder issue, I'm sure you will. Could you wear a pad while running to deal with the leaks perhaps? Or is it that the leaking continues when you're not running, but you feel it's triggered by running generally?

    Good luck and don't give up yet!

  • When I was a lard arse I had all the attendant problems. I lost weight and the problem stopped 🙂 I was 56 when I began C25k which is young compared with lots of folks here. It's never too late to get fit.

  • please keep going. It's never too late. I too suffer from similar problems and I am nearly 60. Stick to drinking water and keep away from too much caffeine. Also do your pelvic floor exercises religiously. And keep running and stick to the programme. There's plenty of life in you yet. Let us know how you're doing.

  • You can do this again. Thankfully I've never had to deal with leaking but you could look at doing Pilates classes. Could be worth finding a Pilates physiotherapist or your doctor to get the right exercises to address the problem.

    Good luck. 🌻🌻

  • I am a mother of 4 daughters and my 'plumbing ' is definitely not as it was. Nothing too serious but Tena Lady's are useful just in case 😳 I am 59 and have just run week 3 day 1. So don't worry unduly , it shows we have lived and are wonderful women !!

  • Hi,

    My Mum turned 70 in January, she has literally never done running before in her life and she started C25K a couple of weeks ago! :) She is also high risk of osteoporosis which is one of the reasons she started. She's loving it!

  • Wow TabbyT. What a star ⭐️ and an inspiration your mum is! I'm so impressed. Well done to her! 👍🎉

  • I'll tell her that :) it'll give her even more motivation!

  • Wow Tabby T your mum is awesome! 😀 Hope I'm that driven at 70!

  • Age is but a number ;)

    And- tena lady!

    It's not really a joking matter and depends on the volume of wee/ circumstance it happens- GP trip may well be advisable- but there are reasonable products available off-the-shelf that are discrete even in running tights ;)

  • Also, not only is tea dehydrating, it is a diuretic (meaning it stimulates weeing), so I'd suggest staying clear of it until your run for the day is done! :)

  • Pelvic floor is a must as you get older, I am 60 next year and having graduated last year, I am striving (albeit slowly) to run 10k. I feel so much better by doing these every day. Good luck and you will get there!

  • Hi ya

    I am a 55 year "young" Lady hitting the 5k training programme for the 2nd time (graduated last year and stupidly stopped).

    Give it a go and maybe pleasantly surprise yourself with how you do 😗 As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained (or for most of us hopefully lost!!)

    Good luck x

  • I've been running 2 years and am almost 60, 2 boys, so I feel your pain! I cut down on caffein, took to the pelvic floor exercises with a zest and joined a local women running club. Don't give up, its given me a new spring in my step and I've made so many lovely friends. If you live near Nottingham let me know x

  • Hi. I'm 55 and graduated earlier this year. Unfortunately, due to a problem with my hip, I'm having a month's rest. I hate not being able to run and can't wait to start again. Although i don't have the leakage problem, having never had children but I can honestly say that my legs feel so much stronger since I started this programme and I'm convinced that it will keep osteoporosis at bay. Well done to you though for starting again and I wish you loads of luck.

    Tena lady sounds a good option along with pelvic floor exercises 👍

  • No advice really but I'm 53 and only started properly this year. I run with a nice supportive group of women (one of who is in her 70s). I struggle....a lot. and can't say I enjoy it but it's better than sitting on the couch!

  • 51 and 16 stone female here.. you can do it... I've just got through it. i'm sort of pre menopausal... Went nearly a year without a period then along came one...Just hoping it's not like the buses...

    I can leak a little but not generally when running as i do make sure I go before i go... My worry was falling over with a thump and leaking... I fell off my bike once and did a little,so I tend to wear an ST just in case...

  • 59 and having my 2nd attempt at completing 5k got to week 9 last year at week 4 run 3 now . I too struggle with the wee urgency sometimes think I will cut back on the caffeine as suggested by Mrsb58 . I live 13 miles north of Nottingham nr junc 27

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