Post Grad Encouragement (and cake)

Post Grad Encouragement (and cake)

I don't get on here as much as I'd like at this time of year as I'm always away and usually somewhere without internet connection (not a complaint!!)

But when I can, I love catching up with all your triumphs, trials and tribulations. And I'm really enjoying my running and the consequential benefits. I do always try and add positive comments to posts, especially newbies, because it was the support and encouragement on here that helped me succeed.

But I do see a lot of posts saying people struggle after graduation for lack of a goal. So I thought I'd share what I've been doing since graduation a few weeks ago.

I run 5K every other day. Full stop. Some runs are tougher than others, my average time isn't impressive at around 39 minutes. But I always run 5K, without stopping, however long it takes me, rain or shine, wherever in the country I am, every other day.

The benefits are really very significant. I'm happier, healthier, fitter. My skin and hair are better than ever. I don't really weigh myself any more as I found once I started running I appeared to gain weight, so it became a negative thing for me. But I've dropped another dress size (from size 32 to 16 in just over a year) and my body shape has changed quite dramatically.

I don't really have a hankering to increase distance or time (although whenever my Garmin says 'Fastest 5K' I'm obviously chuffed!) I'm just enjoying running and all the positives it brings. So perhaps it isn't necessary to have a goal - just the motivation to stick to YOUR plan and keep running.

Oh. And you can definitely eat more cake!!

Happy Running :-D


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19 Replies

  • Lovely post Sazz, and lovely looking cake! Glad the running continues to go well.

    Spectacular weight loss - must be so hard with all those fab cakes around.

  • Thanks Ully - they are a bit of a temptation - but my customers would complain if I nicked a bit so not that hard to discipline myself!!

  • Park run?

  • Not at home on a weekend until mid July......but it's a definite for my first Saturday off Mr. Bolt!!

  • What a lovely post. So great to hear about your dedication, progress and enjoyment. Running in different locations sounds really exciting :)

    That said, you have made me think of chocolate flake though!!!! For the first time in about a year some arrived this morning in the Internet shopping as we are going to have a post BBQ pud of foil wrapped bananas with melted flake in the middle. Ssssoooo tempted to just eat one now!!!! Must wait, must wait, must wait, must wait. ..........

  • Thanks goon - I've really enjoyed running in some fabulous locations - this weekend I'll be at Scone palace in Perth which is really beautiful and has a great track along the River Tay. It's a real bonus to have so many new routes each week.

    Leave the flakes - - they'll be so much better wrapped in a banana :-D

  • Sounds gorgeous :)

  • Yes, you must wait!!!! Test your willpower! I love barbecued nana. You can make em in the microwave too yer know, with a whole WW choc rich toffee bar if needs be. If you've done the distance obvs.

    Where were we? Oh yes, well done Saz!!!! Yup, just keep plugging away at the running. Parkrun is fun, and if you travel about a lot then you will always be near one as they're all over the place, and every Saturday morning rain or shine

    Keep on running matey! x OMG! That cake!!!! Dribbles. Oops

  • Thanks MW - really looking forward to a Parkrun, but work virtually every Saturday from early so been unable to do one up until now. First opportunity I'll be there though :-)

  • Now I know you can do the banana flake combo in the microwave I need to start running 4 times a week not 3 :)

    Flakes are all still safely uneaten in their packets for the BBQ. I have willpower!

  • Proud of you goon - I have all kinds of choccie bars in the house for cake purposes - it's a real temptation but I rarely submit :-)

    And I just worked out in my little head that I'm covering over 12 miles in a week now. Might have a piece after all!!! :-D

  • Your cakes looks so yummy. I could eat that with a cup of tea. I have been dreaming of a tres leches cake!! So this morning with your post as almost made me cry it's so lovely.

    Congrats on the weight loss, I would say that is a very signifiant change in a year, well done. From your post you can see that your very committed to your running.

  • Thanks Vixchile - sorry for taunting you with least you don't have to smell it too - it's torture!!

  • Speaking of cake. I was feeling decidedly in need of cake the other day, having not made cake for a while, so set to and made a mug cake. What else would you use one of those absolutely vile Sportsdirect mugs for!!!!! I considered the ingredients and decided to go as healthy as humanly possible with what was in the cupboard. Cocoa, dark choc, less muscovado sugar, wholemeal self raising, egg, sk milk, sunflower oil. 2 mins in the micro. Not bad at all I have to say!!! Blob of creme fraiche and some berries. It served two!!!! I didn't eat it all myself. LOL

  • I knew there was an earthly purpose for those hideous mugs :-D :-D :-D

  • Hi Sazzle

    First, I have to say I have missed drooling over your delicious -looking cakes!

    It's really great to hear you are still enjoying your running - we were at about the same week for a while I think, until I tore a calf muscle at work and had to stop running. 5 and a half weeks (and a great physio) later, I am hoping to return with a gentle jog in about a week from now. Will have to start right back at the beginning I think, but hey, I will be running again! My goal, although a way off yet, is like you, to run 5k three times a week, just because I can. Good luck and happy running,


  • Oh no, sorry to hear that Sandra. I do feel very lucky that I haven't been halted by any injuries - so far!! I guess at least you know you can do it so it's not entirely starting over - hope you're up and running soon :-)

  • Great post and great story and good to see those cakes on here again! I'm back on 30 min runs after 5 weeks on the IC....feels good again :) I agree with you just keep doing it and don't worry about the rest - speed, times, racing not for me either :)

  • I'm very glad you're back running - 5 weeks is a long time :-( I don't know what I'd do now if I couldn't run!


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