Day 50 – Furthest distance run – ever!

Day 50 – Furthest distance run – ever!

I was determined to go out with a bang for the final day of the 5x50 Challenge and to help the Team get to 20,000km….and I did!

It’s been a long 50 days but I have enjoyed every one of them and more importantly enjoyed the team spirit and camaraderie, the friends made along the way and the constant feed of encouragement and motivation to keep us all going. We aimed, near the end, to get to 20,000k and we did – I never doubted we would! Everyone has pushed so hard on this final day and gone beyond what they ever thought they were capable of – PB’s all over the place, unexpected half marathons and multiple activities all in one day – incredible! :)

My activities over the 50 days have been mainly running and walking and the occasional exercise DVD. No cycling or swimming or kayaking but that’s fine by me! It has made me get back to walking to the station and back every day for work and dusting off Davina who I neglected when I started C25K. I am more toned that’s for sure and after weighing myself and taking my measurements today, the first time since starting the challenge, there hasn’t been much movement but have lost 3lbs, lost 1” on my bust (WHY does it always have to go from here??) and ½” on my waist so not bad. I feel great, full of energy, strong, confident and motivated to keep going, helping TJFlute get to the end of her 100 day challenge, then to keep going with daily exercise of some sort…..

So, I ran 12.28k today in 1hr 25mins. It was tough after a late night dancing at a music gig and of course a few drinks but was determined to go out. It was a late run after getting up late and it was quite warm but loved it! This was for the team as much as for me!

So now I feel quite emotional about what I have achieved and the challenge coming to an end and I know I am not alone in feeling this. The champagne is chilling nicely and ready to be uncorked very soon. I think it is time to party!! Well done everyone, I luv you all!! :)

Sue x


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31 Replies

  • Brilliant effort - well done. And if you're partying, so shall I. I'll open a bottle of wine right now. Cheers ! ;-)

  • Thanks Hazel! Champagne now open too so cheers to us all!! :)

  • Sue you've been a star! Well done for your whole challenge! And thank you SO much for helping me to the end of the 100 days! I've got a glass of champers right now, so cheers!! :D

  • Thanks so much Theresa but I am in the shadows compared to you! I look forward to completing your last few days with you and I have my champers right now too; cheers!!


  • Sue, you really have been a massive part of the reason why we have such amazing team spirit so massive thanks for that!

    Also well done for some fab results during the challenge! PBs here, there and everywhere! Amazing! :)

  • Thank you so much Hilary, you brought a tear to my eye with your lovely comment!

    The champagne is now flowing and going down a treat - a glass raised to you too, cheers!

    Sue x

  • Wonderful , fantastic, brilliant - massive congratulations :) maggie

  • Thanks so much Maggie, you are very kind! :)

    Sue x

  • fantastic and admire all your enthusiasim throught this whole 5 x 50.

  • Thank you! It has truely been a remarkable 50 days and I have loved the whole team spirit that we have had; I have been very proud to be a part of it!


  • I agree with roller, you are one if the main reasons we signed up for the challenge and you have been here 24/7 offering support, motivation and friendship! You have been a huge part of making our team the success it is!!!! :-) Very well done on the Fab, Fab run and the distance you achieved! I think there is going to be alot of virtual lifting of the glasses tonight! :-) Not here yet, drinking watwr for 3 more hours...then watch out!!!! Gayle

  • Thank you so much Gayle, my new sis!! Luv ya!! :)

    Nothing virtual about my glass.....It is REAL with REAL champagne!! ;) :D

    Best of luck to you and Steve for your run later and well done on doing 2 runs today.....that was me yesterday too!! Enjoy celebrating later!


  • Brilliant Sue, you have been a star and a great team leader. Well done and thank you, I am honoured to have been part of this with you and the other totally crazy women and men in this team xox Delia

  • Awh, thanks Delia. I am also honoured to share this experience with you and yes, all the other crazy team members! Not saying you are crazy.....well, maybe! Thats why we all get on so well!!

    Big hugs ((( Delia)))


  • I echo Delia - brilliant job, Sue - and yes, I think we are all a bit crazy too! :D

  • Thanks Di! Big time crazy, one and all! Thats why we get on so well!! :)


  • Fantastic job, Sue - that's an amazing achievement, you star! Enjoy that champagne :)

  • Cheers Annie! You are a star too!


  • Thanks for getting us started and pushing us all along - you rock. Congrats on your session today.

  • Thank you Annie, thats so lovely of you!

    S :)

  • Well done Sue ... pick your actress of choice to portray you in the movie version of the 5x50 Challenge (see Malcy's We Done It blog for others choices ) .... I'm guessing someone who rocks maybe? ;-)

  • D'oh .... I bet it's someone like Jessica Alba! (should read my own posts first!!!)

  • LOL!!!

    Maybe not my age but who cares, it is a movie after all and after a few drinks at Annie's party who cares anyway, we all look like beautiful people!!


  • Well done Sue and thanks for encouraging the rest of us.

    Love the photo. I wonder how many of us would have been prepared to be photographed in running gear a year ago?

  • Thank you Wilma, its been an absolute pleasure!


  • Brilliant, Sue. Very well done indeed. I'm so pleased that you're seen so many changes for you and done all this as well as being the driving force behind the team!

  • Thank you Shelia! I dont know if I was the driving force, there were many of us, you included, that got this team to where it is today, celebrating a fantastic 50 days and 20,000+kms! We are a team and I have enjoyed so much being a part of it!

    Hope you are celebrating too after your day?!


  • well done Sue, great run and thanks so much for getting us all involved! It's been a great experience and proves we can do so much more physically than our brain thinks we can! Can't wait for next year, and hopefully some more challenges here before that! :-)

  • Thanks Poppy! Can't wait either and can't believe we are saying this when this one has only just finished! :O


  • Well done Sue; brilliant run. I've been watching you all on 5x50 and thinking "Why didn't I?". Next year without a doubt I'll be there.

  • Thank you Ned! Yes, we would love to have you on the team next time, without a doubt! :)

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