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Couch to 5K
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About a year ago I started the couch25k plan until the 3rd week into the plan my knees went. The doctor diagnosed 'Housemaids Knee' and said my running days were over, walking would be best suited.

During my healthy teen years and early 20's I have always been doing a fitness of some sorts whether it be running, aerobics, cycling, weight training. During my 30's I lost my way and became lazy to fitness. Now in my 40's (44) I am trying to get back into it. I did weight training last year which helped a lot, but had to stop due to not being able to afford the subscription at the time. I'm planning to get back into again this year now that my financial position has improved. But I also want to run, I miss it, but I'm apprehensive, I work as a postwoman walking approx 12 miles a day and I do suffer with pain in my knees, but I really want to run, any advice???

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It might be worth investing in a session with a physiotherapist or sports therapist (although arguably you should be getting some support through work to see what is going on with your knees) It is too easy for a busy generalist to just say "Don't run" as the 'solution' to the presenting issue.

If you are used to walking a lot, and probably pretty briskly, you may need attention to your running style to keep it loose and landing further forward on your feet than your heels. But you may also be able to help yourself by avoiding the more unforgiving surfaces and going slowly, quite probably more slowly than you often walk, at least initially.


You will be fit already then, which is a good place to start ☺

Try it! It's not strenuous, well not in the early weeks, and you only need progress through the programme very slowly.

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If you can walk 12 miles a day and you can lift then your knees should withstand running 5k.

As a general rule of thumb I completely ignore anything a Doctor tells me regarding working out etc, unless it is what I want to hear.

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I agree with the other comments, give it a go.. slow and steady... you are already fit, and this, if done properly should be fine...the GP diagnosis, may be worth getting as GoogleMe says, another check out... otherwise you should be having supportive treatment, if the diagnosis was correct...Also make sure you have the correct shoes, and follow the programme carefully...:)


I had knee trouble to start with. Invested in some tubigrip style knee things from Sports Direct and ploughed on. After a while, your knees get stronger. Just be careful, rest up for as many days as you need between runs. Eventually, I found, the knees strengthened up.


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