Newbie - just completed Week One!

I've recently lost 11kgs and improved my level of fitness through a combination of walking and Zumba Fitness (games for the Wii console). This culminated in doing a long distance walk of 74 miles over 5 days.

I decided to take up running as I needed a new challenge to keep up my fitness and thought it would be a good way of shifting the last 4kg of weight I want to lose. I haven't run for many years and came across the Couch to 5K app when searching for a running plan to get started. I followed a similar plan years back but that achieved the same result over six weeks so I was worried that C25K would be too easy and gradual, especially as I considered myself to be moderately fit.

Needless to say I totally overestimated my level of fitness and underestimated how challenging C25K would be! I can't believe how long the very first run of W1D1 felt (I genuinely thought I must have accidentally hit the pause button as one minute has never felt so long!) and how much I could feel it in my legs the next day. Pleased to say I completed W1D3 this morning and am feeling great and really looking forward to next week.

Have to say I have nothing but admiration for those who start the plan straight from the 'couch' as I really can't imagine embarking on this even a few months back when I was overweight and truly unfit! Enjoying reading everyone's success stories.

[P.S. Username is purely aspirational at this stage!]


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  • Well done,

    that is the hardest step in the c25k journey (I like to call it a journey because it's only the first part of the journey) each person's journey is different so don't worry if you have to repeat weeks along the way, just by going out and attempting the weeks even if you repeat weeks is an achievement in itself, don't think you need to graduate from c25k within 9 weeks some do but a lot of people don't, I know I didn't complete c25k in 9 weeks, I completed c25k in around 11 months, that was only part of my journey the rest of my journey is yet to come :)

    Wish you all the best in your journey, take care,

    Siobhan x

  • You'll probably find you make the "inter-discipline adjustments" quite quickly, but it's also a flexible programme, so if ever you feel like you're just marking time, nobody's stopping you from trying to move on early to the next level. (And it should go without saying that the overriding guideline is that of moderation and good sense, so you would put your brakes on if you caught yourself rushing too far ahead just because of impatience. You do have time, and it looks to me like you've already demonstrated you have patience. Looks to me like you're going to succeed.)

  • Thanks, Gary. I know from previous experience I have a tendency to push myself too far too soon - typically resulting in injury or coming down with a bad cold - so slow progression is no bad thing. At the moment I am planning on sticking pretty closely to the 9-week plan but will see how it goes.

  • Good for you!!!!! Week 1 was awful for me. I had to repeat a few runs before I could do it. I started couch to 5k with my bum a little more indented into the couch than you (though I was comfortable with 6 mile walks, I rarely did them). I was sedentary and feeling "blah". Isn't the achievement great? Three cheers for you!

    P.S. You could always slow down a tad if it's too difficult. Completing the run is more imp than speed right now.

  • Great job well done. I very well remember weeks 1 & 2. I couldn't finish all of the runs & yes a minute has never felt longer!

    Well done on starting the programme, you'll be awsome, just listen to & believe in Laura.

    Happy running ☺

  • Well done for completing Week 1. You will be fine for W2. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Well done for getting started! You will be amazed at your progress over the weeks. If you get in the way of stretching out after each run it will help with the achey legs.

  • Thanks for the advice. I didn't stretch after the first run but did a few thigh and hamstring stretches after the next runs which seems to have helped.

  • Well done for doing week 1! I agree, it would be very tough to do this programme without doing some walking, cycling or other activity before starting. However, I am sure with determination, anyone could do it and they could even repeat tough weeks if they wanted to. I am 51 and graduate next week and have found taking rest days has been a great help in avoiding injury and also tackling the progressively longer runs. Keep posting, looking forward to hearing your updates! Julie

  • Congratulations on finding the plan and getting out there. The hardest part is starting - at least it was for me. The plan suited me perfectly - just the right pace to challenge me without being overwhelming, and as soon as I proved to myself that I could do the first couple of weeks, it became very addictive. Those endorphins sustain you through sore legs, rock-hard glutes and even leave you frustrated on "rest days".

    I wish you well with the rest of the programme, and will look out for your updates. Good luck too with the continued weight loss - three runs a week will help you with those last couple of kgs.

    BTW, I was one of those who went straight from the Couch (long netballing career ended a couple of years ago), and I graduated today! :)

  • Congrats on graduating - that's a great achievement! Well done you! :)

  • Excellent start. You are doing brilliantly. You will soon be like a gentle summer breeze and gradually transform into a force 8 gale!

    Good luck, and I look forward to reading other posts by you.

  • Well Done you! Every run completed is a great achievement! You're now getting the pleasure of knowing you are on to a new challenge- yes those early weeks were really difficult for me - never been a runner and it's a 'couple' of years since I was swimming regularly... I started on 23rd July and yesterday- 52 days later- I ran my first 5K parkrun and am 2 runs from completing C25K. Trust the programme! You can do it! :)

  • Thanks everyone for the supportive comments - what a great community! :)

    I will post occasional updates and enjoy reading how everyone else is getting on.

  • I am one of those who have gone from couch to running and am overweight and unfit and I too have just completed week one! I thought it was going to kill me but I am alive to tell the tale too. Congrats to both of us, many congrats on your weight loss. That is something I am going to look at this week and so if you have any fab recipes, tips etc, would be good to know. I am aiming to lose 50 pound by May 2018 and so I am taking it slow and steady.

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