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Post-grad experiments

Second post-graduation run today. The previous one wasn't very enjoyable, but it seems that now after 3 days of rest I'm OK.

Ran, for the first time, in heavy rain. Tried speeding up for the last 30 seconds, liked it.

Back to my previously asked question of how should I combine my running, nordic walking and yoga - although I'm following the One Hour Runner plan now, I took the overall structure and recommendations from Hal Higdon, who suggests doing strength training (yoga, in my case) after shorter runs and considering walking as cross-training, therefore it's for non-running days. (But who counts walking anyway?)

So, took a short yoga session right after my post-run shower. Felt good. Still not sure it's sustainable.

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Many of us count walking... I certainly count my two days of ten mile walks on two rest days...:)

(They are done on the days I care for small runner in training, my granddaughter...she in her buggy and me walking :)

Take a look at this link too..loads of post grad ideas here..


I have a daily routine of Yoga anyway, as do a few of us... and my strength and stamina routine too on rest days..

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I've bought a Garmin as my graduation treat. Nice toy. So now I actually count everything :)

From your comment it looks like you do a ten mile walk, yoga and strength and stamina routine on your rest day - that is, 3 activities in one day? How do you manage all this? Do you do something in the morning and something in the evening or glue them together?

I'm just thinking of gradually increasing my yoga sessions on short run days but also would like to (nordic) walk the half marathon distance (never tried or did not measure so don't know if I can do it already).


No.... Yoga, every morning....I have always done that even before I started running... I have two days when I care for my granddaughter.. I call them rest days.. ha ha... and on those days I walk...a lot.... whatever the weather... she likes her walks...

I run, early mornings... Sunday... Tuesday... Friday... I do yoga every day... walk Tuesday and Wednesday and my other exercises for strength and stamina... Saturday, Monday and Thursday... I am old and I am retired:) But all done before 9 a.m :)


I have a stretching and warm up routine before runs and after runs:) (I am a creature of habit )

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Thank you for explaining! That's very impressive...

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Not really...I am no exercise fanatic... just developed a routine over the time since I graduated... :)

It is so much easier when you do not have to go to work... :) Plus... I need to stay fit... small one needs a lot of keeping up with now she is walking :)


Wow Floss, 10 miles with buggy twice a week, that's impressive. This conjures up images (hopefully erroneous), of SRIT bundled up in an all terrain buggy, with iron rations and survival bag packed neatly in the "clobber net" while you leg it over mountain tops with her! ( No doubt you have your climbing photo to blame for this!) Do you ever want to change places with the wee one? I can remember, long ago, in exhausted young mum moments looking at the baby in the pram and thinking "swap? "😂


Five in the morning and five in the afternoon... usually....the weather has hampered us..but she cares not...we got caught in a snowstorm Wednesday morning. No go in the afternoon though..snow got too deep!!! I have proper gear and shoes.. she is, snugged up totally, full snow suite, blankets, hat and mitts.. and usually falls asleep fairly quickly..

I do think.. change places with me sometimes... even if it is wet she points outside and if her coat is on show..fetches it!!

I take water and sugar free Polos.. backpack under the buggy! We went so far a few weeks back ...I forgot how far and it was getting darker as we got back!!!

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