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Any hypothyroid experienced chest pain while running?

Where you on to much levo at that time?

I can't figure out why I get a pain in my heart while running my normal tempo, if I stop it goes away quickly. Could it be the blue inhaler that I take before the run that doesn't work well with levo? Help please as I would love to come back to running even though I got diagnosed hypothyroid.

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I too have hypothyroidism, on 100mcg levothyroxine per day, but I can't say it causes any problems. If you have an inhaler I presume you are also asthmatic, so could it be that which causes the problem? My suggestion at this stage is to say try going slower so you don't exhaust yourself and see if that helps.

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Another thyroxine taker here (175mcg daily). I've never experienced chest pain before, during or after running - as the poster below me says, this sounds asthma related rather than a thyroid issue. I would definitely pay your GP a visit just to be on the safe side :)


I did when I was building up my distances and I went to talk to my doctor. They did an EGC and some bloods. It ended up that my ferritin was out and after that was sorted I was fine. I would always talk to your GP with any worrying symptoms especially chest pain. If it is that you need to slow down then at least you will be able to that with the confidence everything is ok. Let us know how you get on.


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