Running while travelling, or not??

So in a few weeks I will be heading off for a 5 week holiday, and I am not sure what I am going to do in terms of keeping up with running?

I will be going with a couple of friends, and so the first question is when would I fit in a run? They are both not runners, and I wouldn't want to just ditch them (and possibly miss out on something fun they are planning) to go running.

Also we will be in cooler climates, and I have never run in cooler weather than 15 degrees, so I am not really prepared at all for running in the cold.... and also I would have to pack extra (running gear), and I am trying to keep my pack as small and light as possible....

We also plan on doing a lot of walking/hiking, so I am thinking that maybe that will be enough to keep my fitness up - but I am not sure if it would be sufficient, so I guess I am leaning towards just not running, and maybe re-doing the C25K program when I return. But I would be sad to pretty much lose most of the progress I have made. Which makes me want to try and fit in time for running! So I am having a bit of a dilemma - I dont know what I should do! Any advice?


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  • Early morning... :)

    I run, as many of us do, on holidays.. in the UK and abroad..:)

    In France, I had to run really early as record temperatures meant it was too hot by 7.a.m. :)

    There is some great light-weight warmer running gear.. and some of our chums on here, who run in really cold climates, will have tips I am sure.. :) runswithdogs is in Canada, and I know she was out in really, really really low temps' this winter!

    Loads to choose from on the net and apart from your running shoes, mostly packable!

    Lightweight waterproof jacket

    Base layer

    /arm warmers?



    Running tights

    Walking and hiking will be great and should keep your fitness level up. I was on the IC for about six weeks after breaking ribs. and relied on my elliptical cross trainer for keeping fit. no resistance and no incline.. I was fine, but built back up slowly.. but I was injured remember.. you should be okay!

    Have fun anyway!!!

  • Running on holiday is one of life's greatest pleasures so you've got to do it! There's nothing like exploring new areas 🙂

    As Oldfloss says, early morning is the answer before your day starts. I've done it loads of times with friends still in bed and it works very well. Friends will also understand that running is what you do now so won't mind a bit.

    Have a brilliant holiday and I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about your holiday running adventures!

  • Morning you! x

    I agree, it is lovely to run in other locations and exciting too.. IbenCopenhagen 's posts on her holiday runs are super!

    Rest day for me today... just done a very gentle 5K.. on the cross trainer :)

    Have a good day! :)

  • Irishprincess .. your holiday run posts were super too !! :)

  • Morning floss. I love reading about others' holiday running as I feel as if I'm there with them!

    Delighted you're up to 5K again floss 🙂 Have a good day too x

  • Actually, managed 7K yesterday... ( hoping to post later), slow.. but out there and doing it! x

  • Whoop whoop 🤗

  • ❤️ Likewise, Oldfloss. At the moment I am in Sri Lanka. Brought my running kit but just couldn't run. Simply too hot. Walked a lot though. Beautiful country 🌴🐠🌞

  • Wondered where you were x Enjoy... x

  • Running on holiday is great, I really recommend it! Although it doesn't seem to make much sense, the perspective when running instead of walking is so different and I've found that I notice things that I wouldn't otherwise and think very differently about a place after I've run there. There is a website called where you can search an area for running routes that people have logged - it will give you details of inclines, terrain, etc so you can work out a route that suits you. I doubt you'll lose too much fitness in 5 weeks and I doubt you'd have to start back at the beginning but getting perhaps at least one run in each week will help for sure. Give it a go. :)

  • Running on holiday is great. You can fit in a run before everyone is up and ready to go, or whenever they're doing something you're not keen on. It's a great way to see a new place.

  • Yes,definitely try and fit it in. I travel in my running shoes and a sports bra and capri's go in my hand luggage. Was away for 5-6/52 this time last year and I used to get up early to run so I didn't cause any delays in our plans for the day. I live on my own and it was a real treat having people rush to get me a glass of water and a cuppa when I got back. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Thanks for all your advice guys! Ill definitely have to squish in my running shoes then, and will aim for at least one run a week. And Ill try to remember to take photos for you all too :)

  • Running tourism is the best! If you use an app or a Garmin or whatever to track your running, it's great to look back afterwards and see where you've been. If you're staying at a hotel, ask the concierge about running routes and where to go/not to go. They often have maps or advice. I was once warned against a route I'd used earlier in the week - it was closed because a grizzly bear had been seen on it! Also, definitely take photos, so don't worry quite as much about sticking to the plan but get your camera or phone at the ready.

    Have fun!

  • Try and squeeze some stuff in, you shouldn't need much... you'll regret it if you done!

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