juggling "stuff" while running

Anyone else find this hard - or am I the only one here afflicted with 2 left hands ? Today for example, I wanted to check my distance for the running part only. I was w8r1, so I thought that that should be doable. (Up until now I've been starting mapmyrun and the podcast at the same time, but then of course it counts my walking time as well). Started the podcast, opened mapmyrun, switched off screen, put phone in little pocket at the back of my waistband then set off walking.

When Laura told me to run I imagined myself taking my phone out, clicking start, and putting the phone away in one smooth movement, while running. Well NOT really. I pulled the phone out and clicked run. Switched the screen off but as I tried to manoever the phone back into my pocket, managed to turn the volume to 0. Pulled it out to turn the volume back up. Inadvertantly re-enabled the screen and paused mapmyrun. Tried in vain to restart it (bright sunshine today, could barely see the screen) and ended up having to stop in the shade of a tree to restart the app, restart the music, disable the screen, put the damn thing back in my pocket and rezip my pocket.

However I then went on to complete w8r1 with no further mishap. It has long been well known in my family that I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Today just proved it...


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  • Yeh I lost a glove the other day because I was faffing about so much and just wanted to get goooooing! I'm so keen to get off I'm all fingers and thumbs. Ended up not even starting mapmyrun and when Laura got me to the end I was so looking forward to seeing how far I had gone- It wasn't to be- still I'm only Wk 4 so hoping things will become more streamlined. Good luck with it all.

  • Ask your lovely family to club together and buy you a Garmin for your birthday, much less stress and faffing about ;)

  • I know how you feel. When I couldn't get my phone going I just ended up running anyway.& listened to music.Without any sound, I'd have given up. You should be proud of yourself for getting out there. I'm sure one day I'm going to fall onto my face or run into a tree!

  • I have this down to a fine art. First, I start the music and set off on my warm up walk. After 4 mins, I fish the phone out of my pocket and start my GPS app (Endomondo). I hold the phone until the 5th minute then press the "GO!" button. Phone into pocket and off I go. This then measures ONLY my running and it even announces when I've reached my goal (usually set to 5K).

    Ta daaaaa!!

  • Yeah, thats what I was aiming for. It was the "phone into pocket" step that was beyond me !

  • I'm glad I don't ned to faff about with a phone. Sometimes just trying to see my Garmin by pulling up my sleeve puts me off my stride. And I have found that i would rather sniff all the way through a run than try to fish a hanky out my pocket. :-o (Yes I know all about hankyless nose blowing thanks - lets not go there)

  • I have my MP3 ready to go at a press of the button... My dog on the lead on one hand, tissue in the other and go!!! I do have a stepper which counts cals, distance and mets which I wear constantly.

    S x

  • I am a complete klutz and get tangles with my jacket and mp3 player. Faff about with keys and phone and hanky. I always forget my drink and have to go back in which involves fishing about in the tiny back pocket of my running tights. I drive myself mad.

  • Yes this is me too. 10mins into the podcast I've gone from freezing to roasting. It's taking the jacket off without dislodging the earphones. Somehow or other I manage to knock the podcast back to the beginning.

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