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A practice run but woohoo!!

So today was officially a practice run of W5R1 because I had to drop to a walk momentarily twice during the third five minute run. I didn't go as far as I did in W4R3, but I did shave nearly thirty seconds off my average pace! I know pace isn't important right now but I am happy to have something to take out of today. I don't even mind that it was a "practice". I scheduled some room in my program for those.

Next time out I'll slow down again and try to finish the run - I think that's what i need to do right? I'm hoping so, because then I have a plan rather than a "practice".

Feeling blessed to be able to do this, and lucky to be able to chat to you all.

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Yep, your increased pace is probably what made this one feel so tricky! It's so hard isn't it because our pace does start to pick up naturally as fitness increases. Drop it down a little for your next run - you're right that it is completing the run intervals non-stop that is the goal at the moment. Also, this is a common time for gremlins to sneak up on folk, so keep your faith in the programme and also in yourself. You can do this. Never judge how a run is going to end by how you feel at the beginning, or even the middle. Just ease up and keep going and you will be surprised at how you settle in to the run. Good luck🙂

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Thanks Sandra. The gremlins have been shouting but I'm too bloody minded about this (as in getting to 30 minutes and then to 5K) to listen.

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Week 6 is where some get caught out by them - but you sound as though you are ready to ignore them.🙂


Yeah maybe they'll get to me, but it's weird because I never thought I'd like running as a hobby. When I was younger I thought it was something you had to do to compete in other sports (in my case rugby). I loved rugby but eventually the gremlins put me into retirement - I was really quite good at one point but then I was too embarrassed to play below my best, when I was too busy with kids to practice so much, so I retired. With running I think I can do it because:

a) There's a huge element of running your own race/running against yourself

b) Such an encouraging spirit in running as a whole. I haven't met anyone discouraging yet.


Well done.... :)

Keep going... but maybe as Sandraj39 says...slow it down a tad, ease up, enjoy the journey :)

The pesky gremlins can be tricky little blighters..they love to throw us... so you just focus on one step in front of the other..speed and distance can follow.. :)

I think there are a whole load of us who never, ever saw ourselves as runners... yet, here we all are... and loving it!

Onward and upward :)


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