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A tough run, but mixed it up a bit and got there... (in my new jacket!) wk7r3

I had a trying day at work today, not helped much by PMS to be honest (sorry for tmi!)

So when I got home I was ready for my run. I set out with jog.fm ready for a 25 minute run. I did the first 5minutes and just couldn't get my head around it. Which is strange really because my pace was good and my gait comfortable. My legs ached a little but nothing more than usual. My head was just in a wrong place.

I even had my new fluorescent Aldi jacket on, which I must say was lovely, just the right weight and kept me dry in a heavy shower later on.

I told myself I would run for 10 minutes then walk a bit to have some variety, then run another 10. So ..... I ran for 15 minutes, then walked for 2 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, then walked for 1, then ran one more. I set myself a distance rather than a time, and upped my pace a little for the shorter runs.

I thought as my head wasn't helping me, I would change it around, still exercise and still burn calories. I felt ok at the end with the knowledge that I had run for just over 20 minutes even though it wasn't all at once.

Does anyone have this trouble at all. Either mental struggle some days, or pms affect their running, or just out of sorts and fancy a change of routine? I love running, and enjoyed the bits I did run, but really needed to stop when I did.

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Hi arablue, sounds like a good run to me! You went out there when you didn't feel too chipper. Then you made the best of it by changing it so you could get the most out of it and you still ran for 20 minutes! Sounds good to me!

There will be days where some runs are better than others, but they are all good for you and all build on your running experience, stamina and endurance. I think so much of this is about the mind, and it is mind over matter which is not always easy.

Have you tried varying the route? I find I actually get bored sometimes which means I can't put the effort in, but a change of scenery really helps.


I'm planning to run my alternative route tomorrow. Hopefully it will be long enough for the 25 minute run, if I go too far I will finish off running uphill again!

I know that I must run for the whole 25 minutes this time though. Having a chance of pace is ok, but will not help me reach the goal of 5k! It seems just out of reach at the moment, running at a slow pace, but steady. Patience, I must remind myself once more!!


Well done, arablue, for pushing through and getting out there. It sounds as though you had a tough run - Laura says on one of the podcasts that running is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Think there's always going to be days you feel better than others, don't know what we can do about it other than do what we can and don't beat ourselves up about it too much! Good luck for your next run.


It definitely is a mental challenge. The irony being that physically though it was tough, I have had much tougher runs. But the head just wasn't there.

Fingers crossed for the next one. I will do it!


Well done arablue. :) I've gradually learned that these sort of runs (a mix of running and walking) are really good for stamina building and when you have one of those days when you 'just don't feel like it', it's quite a good thing to do and way better than not running at all.

Congrats on getting an Aldi jacket. I went there after work today but they only had a couple left and not in my size. They sounded good.


Thanks Legion. I did manage to do more running than I thought likely when I started, so I considered it wasn't a complete loss. Though having had 2 days rest instead of one, then a "failed" run, means I feel even more that I must succeed tomorrow with running 25 minutes without stopping.

So, I'll have my most encouraging music, and plan a reward for myself when I get home. I do have a Gu Chocolate Cheesecake waiting for me in the fridge! ;-)


Ooh, Gu. :D Yum! I haven't tried the chocolate one but the key lime pie is just gorgeous. *drool*

Hope you have a good run. I should run today too but I'm lacking the motivation at present. After a long week at work, I'm enjoying my day off and kinda don't want to give up an hour or two to the process of going out and running (getting ready to go, driving there and back, warming up/down as well as the actual run, stretching and showering again). I wish I had somewhere to run from my door, then the sunshine might be enough to tempt me out...


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