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Just started today!

Just started programme today! - with a coach, as I know I would never stick with it on my own. I am 60, and have never done anything other than Pilates and Yoga.

I did exactly as prescribed by the programme - and managed 2.6km, time 26.55 minutes. Considering I did't even think I would be able to run for a whole 60 seconds I am feeling pretty pleased with myself!

Will I be able to walk tomorrow though????

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Welcome.. are you following the NHS C25K programme.. with your coach?

You will be fine.. as long as you stick to the programme, listen to your body ( as well as your coach)... take your rest days and most of all...take it slow and steady :)


Loads of us a lot older than you too... sorry, slightly more mature :)


Thank you! - my coach is great. He gave me loads of encouragement - I did so much more than I thought I would be able to. And have been feeling virtuous all day!!

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"Master" runners, Oldfloss - we're "Master" runners :-)

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Hello and welcome. You have made a great decision!

Are you doing the NHS C25k programme. If so and you have downloaded the podcast or app you will already have a virtual coach.

Many of us here are similar age to yourself (or older), and have graduated the programme and progressed to longer distances. So it is very achievable for you.

The programme requires you to run for the allotted time for each run. Distance and speed is not important at this point. You can begin to concentrate on those post graduation. So slow and steady, three times a week.

Happy running!

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Thank you :)

I think the emphasis is definitely on SLOW for me!

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Welcome to the group and well done on making a start. This plan is simply amazing. Enjoy x


C25k has a coach! Laura! Or Sarah Millican, Michael Johnson or Jo Wiley, so you wouldn't be on your own

PLus you get your own cheer leading squad. Us!

For the programme you don't need to bother about time, pace, distance or anything other than putting one foot in front of the other. In fact the stats are just a distraction

Go very slowly and you'll be fine.Good luck!


Thank you to everyone who has replied to me! I didn't find it easy yesterday, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected - and I can actually walk today!!


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