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Started Today 😀 W1R1

Well after years of never being able to run and with the constant nagging memory of being literally dragged round the cross country course by my PE teacher- I've started C25K so next year (my 40th) I can join my family at ParkRun ! I didn't manage the full 60 seconds every time today, but I had a good go.

The walk up the stairs to bed told me I'd used muscles in my legs I didn't know were there - roll on Tuesday for W1R2 !

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Hi, well done for starting ✋️👍🎉 I wish you lots of luck and determination! X🌶X

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I think we all have similar memories of PE class. Happy running.


All the best for run 2


Well done my first week too really got such a buzz after my first two runs enjoy and keep posting. X


Well done I was the same for week 1 but by run 3 I knew I could do it. It really is mind over matter. I repeated week 1 run 3 as I needed to convince myself I could do it! But week 2 was ok and I could do 90 secs just believe you can do it and you will! It's amazing how quickly your fitness and stamina increase. Your body is willing you've just got to make your mind believe it can too. Keep it up well done 😀


Well done. That jump up off the couch might just be the hardest part of this programme :)

Enjoy the journey, it might change your life :)


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