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Hello, I’m new here


That’s a lie, I’m not new really. I have however had a break from the forum for a few weeks, following a chronic disc problem flare up and having to take some time out of running for physio and trying to actually walk, never mind run.

Anyway I’m back and after 2 weeks of doing various C25K runs, back to W5R3 at my usual pace, feeling good.

Some things that have helped me recover for those on the IC:

1. Taking a leave of absence from the forum. I really didn’t want to see/hear how great it was going for everyone else. That may sound mean and bitter, but it’s not. I don’t begrudge anyone their runs or achievement, I just didn’t want to feel more resentful and mournful if not being able to run as I really missed it. I even hid my running gear, as I couldn’t bear to see it.

2.Good physio who tells you you’re not a proper runner until you’ve had time off through injury.

3. Fitness built up returns surprisingly quickly. How could those early runs make me feel so sick first time round? Didn’t even break a sweat in the rehab runs.

4. Pilates every day really helps. Done it for years, but going back to 2 x 10 mins exercises every day has really helped

5. I will be injured again. I have a chronic back that mercifully left me alone for 5 months whilst I worked up to doing 5Ks. I’ll get back to 5Ks soon, and I may need to go back to the IC again. But for me, that’s ok. It doesn’t mean I can never run.

6. Running, at the age of 51, is undoubtedly the best thing I have ever done. Apart from having my children. And maybe marrying my husband (need to think about that one).

So if you are on the IC, maybe take time out of the forum, focus on yourself and the small gains you make. Mostly, be kind to yourself. You will run again.

Happy running peeps. 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

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Great to see you back..well done you.

Sliw and steady as you go..😊

We each have our survival techniques...for me as a runner..the forum keeps me going if I am on the IC and as an Admin too..it keeps me focussed 😉


I'm with you on the back thing (and the age thing), don't have to question the husband bit, tho, lol. I'm working up to starting again - got up to 10k (which, tbh, I only did once) then started 12 hour shifts (I'm 57...) and found that back recovery and long days / nights didn't co-exist happily. But I miss it so I'm starting again and learning to manage it (hopefully in an easier work environment as I am in the middle of changing jobs).

Welcome back and enjoy.

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Hope it all goes well with you. When I was running, my back had never been better, so fingers crossed for both of us. X


Haha that made me laugh Alison - the husband comment I mean! Good to see you back. Xxx

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You know how good I feel to be back! Thanks for all your support over the past few weeks louise. 😘🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Absolutely no problem. Xx


Glad you're back running! I didn't think that at 51 I would be looking forward to going for a run!! 😀👟👟

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Crazy isn’t it?! X

What is the IC please?

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Injury couch 😀 I learned that yesterday

Ah Thankyou - the best I could come up with was Intensive Care 😂

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I just call it the couch!


Welcome back to the programme. Hope all goes well for you. Good luck 😁


Aah welcome back Dralimc!! Big hugs! I’ve missed ya lots VRB!! Of course you need to do this your way, but I just want you to know how amazing and inspiring you really are!! 😍❤️

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Bless you, and thank you for checking in on me during my time out. People like yourself make this forum. Much love 😘🏃🏻‍♀️

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As do you!! 😍😍❤️


Hey Dralimc welcome home 😊 I've not been around too much either, but it's lovely to see the support is always here!! Best of luck 😊

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Feels so great to be back running. All I can promise myself is to run when I’m well, and not beat myself up too much when I’m not. Hope you’re ok. Big love 💕


Welcome newbie 😂

Good to see you back... that run must have felt great.

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It absolutely did. Didn’t realise how much I loved running til I couldn’t do it. 😊

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