Hello all!

Just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce myself.

I went out for the first time on Tuesday and, although I struggled a bit (especially the last couple of runs), I did complete it much to my surprise! I think my biggest problem will be breathing properly - does anyone have any tips on how to get enough oxygen into your lungs? By the end although my legs felt OK it was my lack of breath that would have stopped me getting much further. Hopefully things will improve with practice, including my running style - I'm doing a pretty good impression of a lame cart-horse plodding along the pavement at the moment!

Although my legs felt OK at the end, and felt surprisingly pain-free (if a bit tired) yesterday, I have very sore shins and aching thighs this morning (Thursday), which is a worry as it's time for the 2nd run tonight! Just have to take it even steadier I guess.

Anyway, sorry to waffle but am keen to share experiences and tips (when I have any) - it's a bit of a solitary experience otherwise, especially as I'm extremely self-conscious when out running - bring on the dark evenings soon when I can flounder about, beetroot-faced and sweaty, in relative annonymity! Good luck to you all with your efforts.


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  • Welcome to the community and congratulations on beginning C25K! We have a great community here, with lots of people willing to give hints and tips and give you support when you need it.

    Stick with the programme and trust it and you will keep suprising yourself!

    Also don't mind rambling on when you post, if you read some of my posts you will see that I have a problem being concise!

  • Thanks Aftabs, just what I need!

  • Don't worry about your breathing, it'll settle eventually, there's a lot of debate about breathing through mouth or nose, I think the consensus is to do what comes naturally.

  • Hi and welcome, this is a great programme, do what Laura says and you will be fine. Don't worry too much about breathing it will sort itself out in time, mine did and I am 74. Enjoy the rest of your journey. Pat:-)

  • Hello and welcome. Well done for getting out there and thank you for sharing your experience with us. The breathing will become easier - just go slow and steady to begin and trust the program. I remember gasping for breath in week 1 and was scared in case I dropped dead during the podcast but I didn't and managed to complete the whole program much to my amazement. Good luck with your next run

  • Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated. Hopefully by the end of the run tonight I'll still be alive Mazzero, but if I don't post tomorrow.... !!

  • Hello....I am also from Bristol, well Cleeve which is near enough!!! I am assuming given your name you are from bristol?? You must join us on the park run in long ashton when you are able...

    Well done, you are doing brilliantly, take it really slowly and you will be amazed at how your breathing improves. good luck!!

  • Hi Juicyju. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I'm a Brizzle kiddy - Downend to be precise. The suggestion of a park run is a great idea. I know it's (very!) early days yet, but having a goal to aim at like the park run might just be a spur to keep me going when I'm flagging - I wouldn't want to turn up and embarass myself! Well done to you and all the other graduates, it's a brilliant achievment and I sincerely hope to get that badge in 9 weeks time!

  • Welcome to the forum & great to hear you've joined us & got started. It's a great program & you'll be surprised at the progress you make. As for the breathing, you'll find that sorts itself out as you start to get fitter. Just make sure you run at a nice, steady pace & don't try to go too fast. Good luck on your next outing!

  • Hi BP and welcome to this great place.

    I just want to echo what's already been said about breathing-it does come right after a while.... I thought I'd never crack it,but it does settle down eventually,the more you concentrate on it,the worse it seems.Just think of something else and don't stress about it...it will right itself,just may not happen for a few weeks.

    Also after a few outings you won't care about who sees you- honest !

    Keep posting your progress,don't worry about rambling on....I cant even give manage to give concise answers,so you can guess how wordy my posts are :)

    Good luck with the programme .

  • Hello! Welcome to the forum! I have just completed week 1 for the second time (had to restart). The first time I did it I found for runs 1 and 2 my breathing was very bad. I was pretty much wheezing after each 60 seconds! But by run 3, and all of the runs I've done since I started again, I have found it much better. I am amazed at how quickly the body adapts!

  • Thamks to everyone for all the advice and sharing your experiences, it's very much appreciated. This seems like a wonderful, friendly place - very glad I stumbled across it!

  • Hi! My husband and I are finishing week one tonight. We are finding it hard but are so determined to keep at it. Good luck x

  • Beetroot faced covers it. A real handicap when it means I can't do any exercise for hours before i need to be respectable! Does anyone know if it gets better with fitness? I don't know it is linked, but my face sweats like a tap too.. I know sweat has to come out somewhere .. and I guess I'll just have to live with it.

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