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Im new here, just signed up. I have lost 3 stone by healthy eating and swimming and would like to start running again but don't know where to start.

I used to run 10 years ago when I was a slinky size 8/10 and the thought of starting again at 12 stone and a bit is very daunting.

Is it a case of mind over matter? Where can I download these podcasts?

Im so worried about people seeing me.

Any tips at all greatly appreciated.


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  • google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j...

    There you go! Welcome to the forum, mega congrats on your weight loss! Good luck with the programme, you'll find this is a really nice helpful forum, any help you need just yell!

    It is very much mind over matter, don't worry about people seeing you - I think 12 stone and a bit is the perfect weight for running!

  • Thank you, all downloaded. Going to start on Monday. *Gulps*

    Off to buy a decent sports bra and a waterproof lightweight pull over coat.

    Hopefully running will help me shift this last 2.5 stone. x

  • You might want to think about good shoes too, you don't want to risk the dreaded shin splints...keep us posted on your progress xx

  • What are shin splints?

    Any shoes in particular you suggest?

  • Shin splints are muscle injuries suffered by runners, very painful as I know from personal experience! The best thing is to go to a good sport shop, they will help you. That shouod be free, but the shoes might be painfully expensive, but well worth the lay out.

  • Welcome to the forum, and congratulations with having made the decision to start running. That decision is the crucial first step!

    12 stone and a bit doesn't sound that bad. Unless you're only three feet tall, of course. In which case it would be classified as obese ;) I was heavier than that when I started, and nobody stopped on their walks to laugh at me. Well done also for already having lost 3 stone, that's amazing!

    Curlygurly is right about the shoes. So many find out the hard way. Apart from that, the only tip is to get into the mindset that running is a gift you're giving yourself. Sometimes it feels like hard work, but it will make you a stronger and healthier you.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • The programme is awesome, and it doesn't ask you to do anything you're not capable of. Just take it slowly and if you can't manage the runs on the particularly week you are on, do them again until you can. Think 'stage' rather than 'week' then you won't get hung up on progress. Read some of the week 1 posts - loads of us haven't managed the first run of 8 x 60 seconds, but have then gone on, over time to graduate and consider ourselves proper runners! With your previous running experience, you will probably find it a breeze! And 12 stone isn't heavy. Just cuddly!

  • Well done on that weight loss ! Sports bra...Good trainers...Laura on the podcast....off you go ! No-one will look at you...they are all probably C25Krs too busy with their own huffing and puffing to wonder what you are doing, or elite athletes who will be too in the zone. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Welcome to c25k. Don't give a second thought to anyone noticing you - they won't. Well, unless your new running waterproof is a chicken outfit or something. I was very reassured when finally I ventured out that people seem to be in their own bubble and actually don't give a tuppeny fig about what I am doing. If I get comments at all they are along the lines of 'I should be doing that' or 'wish I could do that' from the friendly dog-walkers, so all positive stuff.

    As my mate so brutally put it: 'darling, unless you are a pert young thing with the legs of a Russian high-jumper, you will be completely invisible' We are still mates :D

  • Welcome - lots of good advice here and some great comments to spur you on, and remember we do it for ourselfs nobody else, good luck and keep posting

  • You're all fabulous thank you for your replies. Really excited to get going. Will be off for some retail therapy this weekend for new running shoes I don't want to cause myself extra pain, sure the running pain will be enough :)

    Thanks for making me feel welcome. Determined to get back in the groove of running but take it slow. x

  • You're now part of a lovely, supportive, down-to-earth running community and we'll be here to answer questions, nag you (if you want some encouragement) and generally inspire you to run and lose that final 2 stone. Please do post your progress often... I found that having this community has made me run more often than I've ever done in the past.

    A tip for you as you're starting out: any non-runner who sees you out running is either thinking 1) Good on you, or 2) I should be doing that.

    Any if you see any other runners, I'm sure they will say a cheerful Hi or other encouragement.

    [Speaking as the person who slunk out of the house in the early summer as it was getting dark, and deliberately chose a route where few people would see me. I even went out for W1r1 in 'non-running' clothes].

    Well done IC - deciding to start is almost as hard as getting out of the house on your first run.

  • Welcome to the forum and welcome to C25K. You have had lots of great advice - so I just want to wish you luck and enjoy the journey. My only advice would be to run reaaalllllllly slowly. We all seem to start off too fast. Have fun :0)

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