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Hello All!!

Hello, everyone!!

I am a newbie, so I think I'll introduce myself :) I go by the name of N and I am 22 years old. I've always wanted to become a runner and thought 2013 should be the year to take the plunge.

I have also always been overweight, but in the last year I have lost over three stones and am finally happy with my weight. I'm running so I can become FIT and HEALTHY, more than to lose the weight really - but I'm getting married towards the end of February so am hoping to lose those last few pounds. Yes, I realise it's nine week course, but like I said I want to become healthy. The wedding is just an extra motivator, not the be all end all :) Hopefully I'll progress onto 10k within the first half of the year.

This community feels very welcoming and supportive, so I feel like blogging about my run here will help me focus and keep my on track.

Thanks for reading!


Oh, and my first run is tomorrow - cannot wait!

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WELCOME N!!!!!! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and the weight loss!!!! I'm from the States, so I'm not sure what 3 stones would be? 30 pounds? Wishing you a very successful first run!!!! Gayle


Hello Gayle! I think 3stones is about 40lbs and thanks for the well wishes, I'm sure I'll do fine with this lovely community as motivation :)


14 pounds in a stone, so an even more impressive 42 pounds (or "lbs" as we know them).

Well done N and happy running !


Thank you Wybrook :)


THANK YOU Wybrook! :-)


Welcome N and starting C25K means you will probably be running down the aisle. Good luck with you first run and remember speed is not the aim.


Thank you for the advice PeaBea, I will be sure to keep it in mind :)


Welcome welcome welcome!!! Good luck with your first run- look forward to reading about your progress :)


Thank you for the lovely welcome!! Your little graduate badge is making me envious haha!! :)


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