What happened?

Help! I've been running for 30 minutes 3 times a week for about 3 weeks now, but on Saturday I was completely floored. Felt fine for about 20 minutes then just couldn't carry on. I walked for a bit, then ran again for a few minutes, but had to stop and walk home. My legs felt like lead. What happened. I'm a bit scared to try again today. Any advice? Does this happen to other people?


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  • It is common I'm afraid. When it happens to me it means in the next two to three days I'm going to get a cold or something, or hay fever season has just kicked in. Our bodies tend to have very small early warning signs before we go down with something and when we run it just pushes us over what it can handle. It also can happen if you have had a really heavy week with stress or exercise, sometimes if you just haven't eaten or drunk enough. As you run more you will learn to read these signs and realise it is actually a very positive thing to be so Intune with your body so you can look after it before it crashes. It will be temporary so I wouldn't push it if it happens again on a run today, it could of just been you needed a rest and you back up to scratch already. Take care of yourself.

  • Yes, it does happen. But don't let the gremlins move in. Be gentle on yourself and take it steady, allow your body to guide you. With a good rest behind you, hopefully you will pick up again. Maybe try a change of scene for your next run. You got this far so you know you can do it.

  • Yes everything already said above.

    Look after yourself and put this down to a bad run. Get out there again when you are ready but remember you do not need to run 5 k every run. Why not mix it up a bit?

  • Thank you all for the advice! I ran this morning and managed the 30 minutes without a problem, so Saturday must have been an 'off' day. It's good know it happens to others and have is nothing to worry about.

  • It depends on what you ate, or didn't eat. It can be food related.

  • I usually find it more drink related teehee hic! 😳

  • I've found that since I graduated i have a panic at 5 minutes in and think oh no I'm never going to be able to finish today and sometimes my legs feel sooo heavy!

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