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What Happened!!!

I started the c25k back in april and have been inspired by all your posts even though I was never brave enough to reply or create one. Without this forum I would not have completed the 9 weeks so thanks so much to you all for keeping me motivated. It took me longer than the 9 weeks- 24 weeks to be exact but I did it at my own pace. That was 3 weeks ago and I have been running 30- 33mins 3 times a week since and Im happy with that. Im slowish but I know my time will improve with practice.

Last week my sister in law (a great runner) persuaded me to enter a 4 mile fun run which takes place next week. Im thinking about it and said I'd go running the actual route for a few days. I went yesterday and could only run for 10 mins, and hated every minute. I walked and ran the remainder but was devasted I thought I could manage at least 30 mins. So of course I had to go out today again just to prove to myself I could do it and guess what only managed 20 mins. What has happened. Is it because its a different route. Its actually flatter and easier that my normal route. My goal was to run 30 mins 3 times a week, I'm not very competitive and am happy running 3 times a week. I think I feel overwhelmed by the fact that this is the first race and I dont want to end up hating running so Im asking advice from all you seasoned runners out there. Im resting up for 2 days and will try the route one more time next week.

Thanks again for all your support.

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Hi mtrapril, as you've probably found, not every run is fantastic! Don't worry, keep trying. If you've been doing the same route all the time then it's probably time to shake it up... Find some other routes and really vary it. Now that I'm not scared of our hill any more (I admit to running down it and off for a run then finishing at the bottom of the hill to cool down walking up it home!!!) but I am now taking different routes and adding in hills here and there.

As for the race, remember your own pace, slowly slowly catchy monkey!


Hi mrtapril first of all congratulations on your graduation. Don't forget to ask for your lovely silver graduate badge.(right hand side under pinned posts) You've earned it and deserve it.

Secondly, everyone gets what we term as bad runs even bad spells. It could well be that you have tensed up due to thinking about the race, or it may well be you have thought this is a race route, I have to go faster and have gone too fast too soon, its a common mistake. There are lots of us too that don't like changing our routes (I'm not one of them these days) I love getting out there on a different path or road but it can upset our speed a bit. Have a rest day then go and give it another try, starting slowly and build up your pace a bit more gradually than you would do and see how you get on. Relax into your comfortable stride and I'm sure you will do fine. Welcome to the real world of running, that's the one when we all have bad or not such good runs but they are far outweighed by the great ones which make us feel like champions cos that's what we are :)

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Good old lack of confidence rears its head. It happens to me frequently- despite what you might see in some of my posts. i can apparently run 10k - but regularly believe 10 mins is all I can muster. But i tell myself - I must be able to do it because I have done it before:-)

Go on the run if you want to - do what you can - and if you need to walk for bit - hold your head up and do so :-)

I went to an event today - and I am not fast but there were plenty of slower runs than me. My biggest respect went out to the lady who was the tail ender- and just kept at it. Do it for yourself- no one else. And if you don't fancy it - don't do it :-)


PS - get your badge - you have earnt it :) and do stay in touch....


Definitely get your badge. I agree with what's been written, we all have runs like that some times. My last two runs were dire. I now know I was sickening for a rotten sore throat. But I blamed my lack of running ability. Even things like a bad nights sleep due to anxiety for a new run could do it. Don't lose faith I am almost sure it's just a blip, keep going you will do it you want to, if you don't then that fine too. Running should always be about what you want to get out of it.


Fun runs are just that! A lot of people enter them and walk most of the way. You'll find that the atmosphere on the day helps you along.

I read some good advice recently. Start off at your own pace and let the pack sort itself out, get your into your stride and do what ever feels comfortable. If you have to walk a bit, fine. Then in the 2nd part of the race think about "fishing" the other runners. Imagine yourself with a fishing line and "hook" in someone a bit ahead of you and then "reel them in" as you go past them! Often these are the folk who went off at the start. It's also a good idea to mentally split the route up into sections.

I'm not sure if I'd try the route again before the event. If your determined to nail it, great but don't let it get to you. You now know where it will go and it doesn't sound as if there are any really hard bits. One option might be just to do your normal run so you get your confidence back.


i did a 5k race for life last weekend. Started out with the 'runners' but i was very slow and was passed by lots of people, esp the 'joggers' who started next. I just kept going, not fast but kept on. listening to Laura on the stepping stones podcast and restarting it when i got to the end. I did overtake a few who obviously had run out of steam, but I didn't let the fact that i was the last runner bother me. I didn't know where any of my friends were but that didn't matter.

I was not convinced before hand that i could run for 30 mins but i ran for 48 mins in the end. At the beginning of that week I had given up, defeated by a sore stomach after 20 mins. I went with the attitude that i would just try!


Thanks so much everyone you have given me food for thought. Im going to rest my weary legs and then give it a go again. I suppose my anxiety is more mental than physical and yes I need to remember its a FUN Run and I can set my own pace. Thanks again to you all, I will keep you posted .


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