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Help! what happened...advice please


Am in a state of confusion now. Finished and graduated about 5 weeks ago and have been running 3 times a week building up on my time and have been running at approx. 45mins with a max of 50mins. Recently I though id mix things up and did the first run of one min again but running faster to get out of breath. Everything has been fine but on Wednesday went to run and only did 8 mins. My legs weren't bad. I just felt bored, out of sorts and colder and my breathing was terrible. All the gremlins told me to stop which I did. Am totally demoralised now. Am going to try a run tonight but fearing what will happen now and not sure what time I should go for. AARGH!

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I think you should just go back to your 3 runs a week and stick to it working on your pace and time see how you go good luck ☺

Bonsaiboy in reply to Buddy34

Thanks for the advice.

I would agree with Buddy. Go back to the routine you know works for you. The point is to enjoy it and establish a deeper habit that lasts. This is a small wall; no worries, you will get through 👍🏼🙂

Bonsaiboy in reply to Decker

Thanks Decker. will think of it as you say as a 'small wall'


Doing the same routine does result in the body adapting so the workouts have less effect. It's worth mixing it up a bit, by doing 4k, 5k and 6k in a week and adjusting your pace accordingly. Or you could try intervals. And there's always the bridge to 10k!

Bonsaiboy in reply to Flyingred

Thank you for the advice.


Relax and just run... as above, vary them up and you should enjoy it more. Run your long run well within yourself though.

Thanks for the good advice.


have you read the guide to post C25k running? it offers advice on varying pace and duration, amongst other things.

Not all runs are good runs.


What happened was a bad run. Everybody gets them now and again. Leave it behind and move on.

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