Couch to 5k - week 6

HI everyone. Im new here and im here because I need to stop myself from giving up at week 6 day 3.

I have failed twice now, the first time because my app stopped working and I had to guess the time and the second time today because I just had no puff. (I have possible asthma but take inhalers for that).

I suffer hormonally one week a month, this is that week; all I want to do it sit down and eat rubbish.

Any tips on how to overcome this week every month?

Im 53 and on HRT




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10 Replies

  • Hi Jacqui, and chin up! Rule number one, banish the "F**L' word from your vocabulary. You went out, and you ran- you weren't sitting on the sofa eating Pringles. Rule number two: if 'that week' is anything like mine is, you may have a few issues you need to grumble about. Take them out on the pavement and stamp on the imaginary fingers of any people who wound you up during the week. Sounds nasty but hey, it works for me. Promise yourself that you can eat ONE bit of "rubbish", but only when you have finished your run. Chances are that you won't want to do it when you get back. Hang on in there, girl. Leave it a day then try again - but slow down, you're always running faster than you think. Run to the next lamppost, then to the car, then to the corner... till the end of this song... but keep going. You can do this.

  • Don't give up! You have come so far! :) Just take it slow, as slow as possible, but keep going. Bad runs are better than no runs! I didn't complete 2 of the runs so I counted them as practice runs and repeated them. No problem at all! The goal is to become a runner and you are one run away from being that :)

  • You have come so far - into wk 6! That's fantastic.....

    If you are determined to make it to Graduation, and it is this week where you are struggling..... just do 3 walks this week (and if, while you are out, you fancy a bit of jogging, break into a trot. But don't feel bad if you don't.) and resume week 6's running programme next week.

    The C25K police won't arrest you, honest! It's all about making the process work for YOU. Focus on what you DO, not what you don't. It's not a failure to take longer than 9 weeks to reach your goal. Many folks on here are/were in the same boat.

    Once you have graduated, if you find yourself struggling 1 week in 4 to motivate yourself... well, don't worry. Take a week off. It is allowed. This life-changing experience you have embarked on is for life, not for a week. If, over a year, you run 3 times a week for 40 weeks - how fantastic is that!? Stop beating yourself up over the bits you miss.

    Another good bit of advice I was once given (might even have been from someone on here) - if you REALLY don't feel up to it, get your running gear on and just do the 5 minute warm up walk. At the end of that, you can decide to go home. Or just walk some more. Or run. It's up to you, but any of those things are better than sitting on the couch.

    Stay positive. You have done so much to get this far. Be nice to yourself.

  • Thank you everyone! WOW I didn't expect so much support on my first post here. Im going to rest tomorrow and try again on Saturday. I have spent my life not running so yes, any run is better than none.

    Thanks again to you all.


  • I second everything said above. Well done for getting yourself out there, no way can that be classed as a fail and good luck for Saturday, I'm sure you'll be great 🏃🏼‍♀️😊

  • Agree with alll the really useful comments above. Anything is better than nothing, so if you need to give yourself a break why not do one of the earlier weeks again, before getting back to it when you feel a bit better? Good luck 😊

  • I have those weeks and I do a gentle walk which in my book is better than nothing. Best of luck tomorrow!

  • I tend to be a bit 'all or nothing' in general, I'm having to challenge this in me for the running. I will get there!

    Thanks so much everyone!

  • That woman they are all talking about running round the park with a massive grin on her face! That was me! I only went and did it! 25 mins! Can't believe it! Thank you all so much for your support! Xx

  • Wooooooooot! Congratulations! Happy dancing for you and waving my pom poms. You rocked it!

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