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Week one couch to 5k


Well week one complete. What can I say I have a long slog ahead of me!!

Going to repeat week one as I was so bad : (

I found it so incredibly hard 90 secs of run felt like a marathon, heavy legs, breathing felt awful and I felt sick,

I was aware of my level of fitness but was shocked at my achievement this week as I am very active in my work and home life : (

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Don't be disheartened.

You're probably running too fast during the 'run' section. Slow down, make sure that you stick to the program, repeat weeks if you need to and remember, 'You can do this'. Post here often and we'll hold you accountable, encourage you, answer any questions and generally make sure that you achieve your goals.

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Must admit I am going to have to force myself to get back out. I really thought I was going really slow, but not going to quit as I have committed to raising money for cancer research. Thanks for the encouragement.: )


Hi there, I know how you feel, did my first run Saturday, and at one point didn't think I could walk home my legs hurt so much. Just done it again this morning, despite still aching from the first and it was a little better. Just keep going, repeat it until you can do three in row and feel you can manage it, otherwise you will give up. I know I'm very unfit so there will be pain, but i just really want to keep it going. So many attempts to excercise have failed over the years, but this time I have a goal to finish the podcasts. keep going and it will get easier.

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I am going to repeat week one but with a different mindset. I just need to keep going I was just a bit disheartened as to how bad I actually felt. But this forum is so good.

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If you ran the whole time Laura said to run - as in maintained a running motion - you have completed Week One successfully. No matter how bad you think you were (come to think of it, is this the NHS C25K you are doing as that starts with 60 second running intervals?)

It took me many, many attempts to complete Week One at all. I never needed to do a single extra subsequent session in C25K... it is not about doing it easily, it is about not stopping.

And do listen to the chorus of "Slow down"!


please don't be disheartened. fi you managed all the runs without a break then try week 2 - you can do it. As others have said you may have been running too fast! I know it sounds silly but it is true. There were two sprightly young boys walking very fast on their was to school just ahead of me this morning and I didn't catch them up before my cool down started - but I was running albeit very slowly, I was running.

You can do it too. :)


Week 1 should be only 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking in between. Week 2 starts with 90 second sections.

If you've been running 90 seconds then move on, you've been running a harder version of week 2 already!

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Oh lordy I got it the wrong way round! ( numpty ). so repeating week one should be a doodle! did three miles brisk walk today, run days are Weds Fri Sun for this week.


When i started the programme first time round i repeated week 1 three times i wanted to make sure i had that one sorted and didn't have any more problems so don't worry about redoing a week look at it that your just practicing your technique in preparation for the rest of the programme .........

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I still quail in the face of Week One and yet I can run for 2 hours non-stop. I'd probably still be waiting to move on 4 years later if I waited until it was easy.

There's no especial harm in redoing a week, there's no rush after all if you intention is to gain better health and as you say it all builds fitness. But there's honestly no need. (Not moving on if you have stopped for a brief walk in a run segment is another matter)

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I think I may do that as I am really struggling, Cheers

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if you were running for 90 seconds outright in week one i take my hat off to you !!!

you were a week ahead of yourself and therefore not a surprise you struggled with it.

well done for carrying on regardless

keep us posted of progress i look forward to your graduation :-)

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