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3rd week on NHS couch to 5K


Hi, I am new here. I started couch 5K 3 weeks ago. The first run was terribly difficult. I couldn't breathe when I run my first 60 seconds. Now I am proud of myself because I can run and breath for 3 minutes. Today I finished 3rd week. I'm in week 4 next week and I hope I don't lose motivation.

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Great start to the program. Just take it easy on the runs, remember it's not a race, and you will be fine. Good luck👍👍😁

Thank you!


Well done. 👏🏻👏🏻

Vengricum in reply to VPOLLIE67

Thank you!


Well done LenaL 👏🏻 you’re doing great, stick with the plan and the feeling you get after each run and the feeling of being healthier will help maintain your motivation. Be stubborn and determined and you’ll get to run that 5k....I was knackered after 60 seconds when I began and now I’m running 6k, you will too believe me. 👍

:) thanks for such an inspiring comment.


Well done on starting and getting this far. I had tried C25k 3 times before finally getting to the end of it recently. Life always got busy and got in the way for me, or injury caused a delay that demotivated me. So if I had any advice to share it would be to make sure you do a little reading about good running form (Lots on this forum) and to just take things really steadily to avoid injury and also, maybe have an end goal in sight, such as running in a 5K race or a park run (when they start up again) to keep you going through tougher runs. Both pieces of advice that I read in the early weeks of this most recent attempt and they made all the difference to me. Good luck - you’ve already done the hardest part by starting 😊

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Thank you for your advice. I will look for information on this site.


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

That's great, thank you!!!

Well done! In weeks 1 to 3 I found running so difficult that I was counting paces so that I would know when the agony would end. But end it did, and by week 4 I was able to run until my coach said “stop”. I graduated three weeks ago and am now running 3.5k + 3.5k + 5k each week. I’m 65, overweight and unfit....but getting fitter every time I run. You’ve done brilliantly so far and I know you won’t lose motivation. You can do this!

Good luck, just slowly. I run to Jo Wiley and she says "if you are running along a hedge with just your head visible to anyone on the other side, they shouldn't be able to tell you're running"

Sarah said that too and I think of that when I think at the start I’m too fast and won’t last the course, it’s an excellent piece of advice

Ooh you won’t lose motivation at this stage I seriously doubt it, it’s around week 5 we are all hooked I think, enjoy next week and remember it doesn’t hurt to repeat a week if you need to, I have and it’s taken me longer to get to week 8 than the 8 weeks put it that way haha x good luck

So proud, keep strong, I start my third week on Monday


That is fantastic, Well Done

For me the motivation is not to lose any of the progress I've already made! Seeing my fitness increase and achieving the runs makes me feel great x

I have my final week 4 run today and it really isn't that bad, week three prepares you :) Just take it slow and steady x


It's amazing how it seems to just work, I am so pleased how manageable week 5 was when I compare the running times I just managed with previous weeks.

Keep going, even if like me the running seems endless, the elation at how long you can run for, the toning of muscles, is so satisfying.


Brilliant well done you. The fact you’ve got this far is terrific, keep going you can do it.


I found the hardest thing was to run slowly, particularly if I was listening to music with a fast beat! Don’t be put off by the running time increases in weeks 5 to 7. In my experience, once you’ve got past 5 minutes it all seems to fall into place. But you can always repeat a week if you want.


I’ve got one more run to do. I remember being at your stage and being amazed at how quickly I was progressing after dragging myself round during the first week!! Following this programme will definitely get you to the end. Best of luck. 👍


I was much like you when I started in March.. now on bridge to 10K plan. Concentrate on the time not the distance and you WILL make it to the end. We wil be following you to see x


Lol, love your wording...made me so pleased you can breathe as well as running for 3 minutes as I'd hate to think of you not breathing while you run 😆

Brilliant job by the way, you're doing so well...just take it nice and slow, and if you struggle slow down some more, stay hydrated not just on run days but all the time, especially in this hot weather, and you'll be grand 🙂👍

Vengricum in reply to Run46

😜😉🤣 Thanks

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