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Ankle injury, where to go back to?


I graduated c25k early Feb and since then have been doing 2-3 5k runs a week, slowly trying to increase distance.

However I appear to have a tendon injury in my left ankle and could barely walk after Saturday's park run 😥

I'm taking a couple of weeks off running to recover. Does anyone please have any experiences or suggestions of where I should go back to when I'm finally fit? Should I do some walk/run intervals? Go back to week 6?! xx

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Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Parkrun may have brought out your competitive streak 🙂

If you rest and elevate your ankle as often as possible, and get some ice on it. Ice is ace at inflammation easing 🙂 Then hopefully you will be good to go soon. Ankle tissue is easily inflamed but once you have built up your legs, feet, ankles,knees then these niggles should go.

You might find that if you need to rest it for a week you won't lose fitness, even for two weeks you should be ok to pick up where you left off. You can always pick up where you left off and see how it goes.

Good luck

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You will be surprised that you can actually just go back to where you left it even after a break, perhaps a bit slower than usual to start off with. The important thing is to make sure your injury is fixed.

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Thank you, that's really encouraging. I've not really needed my ankle support today so think I'm on the mend 😊


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