The Ankle Injury

I've been suffering for about two months now, with an ankle injury. I went over on it, on some uneven pavement and I haven't been able to run properly since. I went to see my doctor who was really only interested in whether I could walk.He gave me pain killers and I've rested it, iced it, elevated it and stretched it but each time I've tried to run, I've had to turn back.

I decided I would bite the bullet and sod the expense and went to see a sports physiotherapist. He could see in an instant what the problem was. Because my ankle is weak, (the ligaments are torn and the bone is bruised) I'm running in a different way to compensate and causing more damage to the other side of my ankle.

He gave me a painful massage around my ankle and some ultrasound treatment with an excercise programme to do at home involving aligning my knees to my ankles and strength work. I haven't to run for four weeks but can cross train to keep up my fitness.

Although I'm gutted about not being able to run, I feel positive that this is going to work and I will run stronger because of it and possibly prevent further injury. I'm doing the excercises diligently and keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery.


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12 Replies

  • Fingers crossed that your ankle is strong again soon.

  • Thankyou! I hate not being able to run!

  • You are doing the right thing. Far better to do it this way and get it properly better rather than struggling on and making it worse. I bet in the end you will turn out a stronger runner because of it.

  • Thankyou so much pelephant, although I've been putting on a brave face I've been really upset about it but this kind of encouragement really helps.

  • I totally synpathise as I've also had four weeks off with an injury, and was so upset about the whole thing but now I'm out the other side and just started up again with a slow 20 minutes. Rest and special exercises are just the only way to really deal with an injury so keep positive because you're on course for a full recovery :)

  • That's great TJ! So glad for you! It's really encouraging to hear that!

  • You're doing the right thing. After struggling on for a few weeks, I bit the bullet and went to see a sports physio about my painful hip and was given a set of exercises to do and told to reduce my mileage drastically. As it was, I was ill for the first week or so which meant I rested from running completely - this was probably a blessing in disguise. A few weeks later, I am back up to 4-5 miles a couple of times a week. The hip still niggles afterwards but I've learnt to listen to it and have an extra days rest - it has drastically improved and I'm trying to do more strength training in order to avoid future injury. I found the cross trainer useful - it's non-impact but good exercise and I've been doing the Speed podcasts on it, which actually makes it more enjoyable.

    I'm confident that if you follow the advice and don't get impatient you will come back stronger and more aware of when to listen to the warning signs your body gives you - I think I've learnt from my experience, even though it has been very frustrating when I've had to miss runs. I was supposed to be doing Birmingham half-marathon on Sunday but I've ruled it out now as I don't want to set myself back by aggravating the injury - instead I'm planning shorter races a few weeks away and feeling quite excited by the prospect. I want running to be something I'm still doing in twenty years time (jogging to the post office to collect my pension ;-/ ) and I remind myself of that when I'm feeling impatient and frustrated because I've had to miss one run. Good luck and stay positive ! :-)

  • Thankyou sfb350 for that really useful advice. I'm so sorry you have to miss the half marathon but I think you are very brave and strong to take the decision not to do it. Good luck in your other races, let us know how you get on. Thankyou again for sharing your experience, it's very inspirational.

  • My GP did exactly the same to me- just rest and painkillers but I found a private physiotherapist who diagnosed the problem straightaway. We all are int he same boat:-)

  • Yes we are! How is your injury now?

  • Hi Gridlet, sorry to hear you have been through so much with your ankle injury. It takes but 5 minutes to examine something like this I feel we in UK are constantly being let down by overworked GP's these days. Or it could just be that some GP's hope the patient will go away and seek treatments privately as you have done. I hope things work out for you and that you are soon back pounding the pavements again. Take care and keep up the exercises, well done.

  • Thankyou so much, Oldgirl for your support, I really appreciate it. There are so many inspirational people in this community and you are one of them!

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