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What a difference a week makes ☹️

Last Sunday evening I managed 5.5km, and have had two more good runs since. It's been a horrible stressful weekend, so I was full of hope that this evenings run would release the stress and set me up well for next Saturday's 5k. Sadly, it was not to be. :-/

My legs felt tired from the off, although not painful, and my breathing was controlled but not really comfortable. After 1km I had a short (maybe 50m) walk, then did a second lap of my route. At the end of that I was intending to do a third, but called it quits and came home instead, for probably he first time ever wishing I hadn't bothered going out. :(

So tonight it's victory to the gremlins. They can have this one, but I'll be back...!

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Spit 'em in the eye and come back laughing!


Sometimes it just happens and my guess is that it's the stress you mentioned. But you still ran and that is what counts - get 're next one will be a winner! ☺

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Squish those pesky gremlins.. what are they like? Why were they even out there?

Oh dear... sorry your run was not what you wanted, but you ran!!! Yeay!!

Could be so many reasons why it was an off-run, but there will be a good one to follow.

Hopefully, your next few days will be less stressed and if not, just head out, steady and slow, flatten the fiends and let all your problematic thoughts fly away into the air :)


Running can be a mental battle some days, and stress certainly is so it's fair enough that occasionally the two work against you.

Put it in the old '*u¢k it bucket' and don't dwell on it.

Keep going 🏃🏃🏃


I'm not up to date around here, so... are you 'racing' next weekend? If so, maybe give yourself an easy week this week? Have you got something else to do that will help you destress?


I'm doing the Supernova 5k next weekend, so a fun run rather than a race (although it's timed). I'll do a short interval session tomorrow evening as my usual Tuesday run; Thursday remains to be seen...

At least I have a week off work to relax - while the girls are still in school :) - so hopefully I'll be feeling refreshed and revived by the weekend :)


Gotcha. Enjoy your week off work. Don't forget to have some you time 🙂

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I spent this morning cleaning, and the afternoon on the settee updating camp blankets (mine and my brownie unit's). Mr Rainbow apparently wouldn't have put that as the most important job for the afternoon - but I wouldn't have put ah of the amazon purchases he brought home with him as top of the list for spending money on, so that's fine! ;)

Lots of relaxing scheduled for the week - and a bit of walking or running too...

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