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What a difference 6 weeks makes...

I usually run early morning and so up until now have only been confronted with the odd muggle on my outings. Yesterday morning I thought I'd benefit from an extra hour and half in bed, so postponed my run till later... Of course I'd have no problem running round the town in Lycra I told myself as I snuggled back down under my duvet.

I still hadn't donned running gear by half 8 last night. I gave myself a talking to and said 'it's now or never!' I'm on a tight-ish running schedule as I go on holiday in just over 3 weeks and I so desperately want to have graduated before then. Anyway, when push came to shove, I wasn't feeling so brave about running in front of the non running masses. I had an idea... Go back to the country lane I ran in week one!

So off I set, warm up walk up a hill again... And perfectly timed so it ended at the entrance to the lane. Now, 6 weeks ago I could barely run 40 seconds without clutching at my chest and wishing I'd tidied before I left the house. I remember counting every step and using every ounce of will power I possessed just to keep going. I did 3 runs up, not even taking me half way up the lane and 3 runs back.

Last night...w6r2... I ran the entire lane and more in my first ten mins...then 3 min walk and all the way back down again. I was so comfortable that I decided to keep running..... Another few minutes! Go me!

Anywaaaaay.... Wow! It was great to go back to where it all started and see how far I'd come. I had been struggling a wee bit mentally since starting the longer runs. W5r3 crushed my spirit a bit... Just cos it was such a push! So here I am, a little happier and a little more confident... Almost ready for week 7!!

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Mornin' to you MDT!

There's a RESULT! Good for you! That must have felt brilliant ... like you say, what a difference 6 weeks make!

So, are we finishing by the 25th June, all things being equal? What's the deadline exactly? You can't finish before ME!!! :-)


Woohoooo! That's fantastic progress, well done!


Thanks beads. It gave me just the wee boost I needed!


Top of the morning to ya oh lovely Bo!

I'm heading off on 27 June. They won't lets into Greece without a graduation badge so I need to be finished by 25 June. I'm thinking of doing my first run of w7 at a parkrun. I must be mad but it has to be done sometime!

How's week 6 treating you? This could be the week I've enjoyed most up until now... Though it's not finished yet!!!


Hey there! Okey dokey MDT, all rejuvenated and re-inspired are you, that's really cool .... it means alternate days every run til the 22nd June allowing 3 days grace for any unforeseen upset ..... i think (hmmmm and i was just thinking i might break that routine and award myself a two-dayer after FINISHING W6R3 half an hour ago!!!!!!)

Alrightie then ... let's do this! Park Run on Saturday .... oooooo LOVELY!!!! You go for it!!! :-)

Very wise of you to aim to carry your graduation badge to Greece all done and dusted ... not sure if i mentioned to you, but i'm in Cyprus which is pretty similar to Greece weather-wise, depending where you're going and, in case you were interested (re post-grad running on your hols), i went out for my last of W6 run @ 7pm - the sun was thinking of starting to set, the temp was 29 degrees C, the humidity was 66% and there was a full-on hoolie of an off-shore wind which, about the time Laura popped up to ask me if i was still alive and would i like to know i was half way through, dropped entirely and the air filled with Saharan dust .....

Gleefully rubbing hands together ..... Cool Runnings MDT, onwards to the end we go oh and let us know about Saturday's Park Run Pleeeeease :-)


Oh you have w6r3 under your belt? And in that heat too. You deserve a medal, not a badge!! Well done girl!! I'm so jealous. I'm a little nervous about facing it tomorrow morning. However, I decided today that it's ok if I need to walk for a minute or so if I need to. I'd rather walk and complete than do what I did week 5 and bail! I had no idea how far I have been running until tonight. I saw a sign at the end of the bridle way I ran. I ran over 2 miles!!! Now I'm sure others are running way more but me... I actually ran 2 miles!

Let's see if I'm feeling so excited at 7 am tomorrow morning! :-)

Onwards and upwards....


Well thanks but i'm not really deserving, feeling too hot all the time starts to feel normal after a while although we're building up to summer which is always comes as a surprise, ridiculously!

I think that your W5R3 was such a stunner in the end that you'll be fine, just back off a bit and you'll push through, i know you will!

If you've got a laptop/pc or maybe even a phone does it, the "others" will know, you can use "mapmyrun" to find a map of where you are and plot your routes .... that's what i've put on my laptop and it's pretty helpful .... well tell you all your distances. Two miles is ACE ... i say that cos 2 miles sounds a LOT further than 3.2 kms (is that what it is in new money?) two miles is like "oh yeah, me? sure i run a mile every second day ...times TWO!!!" --- you're fairly cracking on i'd say and can def try backing off your pace way before you consider dropping to a walk tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I shall be thinking of you and willing you on .... you'll be fine MDT, you will!

Yes, Cool Runnings, onwards and upwards :-)


Wow! Great running! We'll done! As long as your passport is stamped 'graduate' you will have no trouble getting into Greece. Happy running and happy holiday.


Fantastic, it's great when you try and old route and find out how much you have progressed. It's all your own work !


Brilliant run! Go you indeed! Awesome effort. Keep on running... :) Week 6 is a tough one so super effort in getting this one done. This is the week that all your hard work and commitment starts to pay off - it's consolidating all your running to date and proving to yourself that you can work up to the 25 mins for the next run... it's a massive milestone and you've got one more run of this week and you can quite rightly celebrate massive progress... There is nothing wrong with happy dancing, punching the air or screaming out loud at the end of your next run... You can do this!

Happy running!


Woop! Very well done, MDT! That is really the sign of progress: handling a route much easier than earlier on in the programme. I'd recommend that to anyone, trying a route not tackled for a while: the difference in a few weeks is a real heartening boost.

You'll have your Graduate stamp in your passport so will get into Greece no bother!

Congratulations on your excellent progress so far! Best of luck for run three! :-)


Excellent, well done you! Its great when you can see how you progress over the weeks. x


I think it was about Wk 6 I started to feel more confident, ( not confident to show a lycra body to the masses tho ! ) well done you, what a great programme this is

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Im not sure that the masses are ready for me in Lycra tho!! Someone in work mentioned that they saw me out running Lycra clad on Saturday. I said 'I'm sorry about that!!' Lol. I just find it more comfortable and cooler. It def helps.


Thanks all. If I wasn't pleased as punch before, I certainly would be now with all of your encouraging words. This forum really is a wonderful place. It's a privilege to be a part of it!


fantastic, what a boost to your self esteem that must have been and so much proof to your brain and body that you can do this!!!! Well done .


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